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Two branches in the capital

The capital of Saudi Arabia is known to many people but the fact that in this country is a center of pilgrimage for many believers. However, despite the fact that it is the capital of the country, Metro does not appear here first, and only the second, because Mecca - another city, better known than Riyadh, had to get underground for very long before all the known reasons. Like a Metro, that was built in the capital. In fact, it is not yet completed, and therefore not put into operation - which means that while the subway is actually not, but technically it is. Construction is scheduled to finish in 2012, more precisely to its end. Something like a New Year gift to all residents of the city. Construction of metro began in 2009, so the total construction time of just less than three years, despite the fact that the subway will be quite large, and its total length is approximately 40 kilometers. The whole subway will be nodivided into two branches. The first branch will be longer than the second, and will have a length of nearly 25 miles, although it will be at 32 stations. Still, Riyadh - a densely populated city, it is required that there was a lot of stations, and the density of stations on the branch must fully comply with the density of the population. The second line will be shorter, because the presence of a second branch, a branch from the first, was created to provide a remote part of the city transport. As a result, while the underground that will have only two branches. But this is enough to make the capital of Saudi Arabia for some time did not stand in traffic jams, and moved forward and tried to develop. This step will be completed in the last decade in 2012, after which will begin testing a new line, and only after that will be put underground for the use of ordinary people.

The results of the construction

In general, subway to Riyadh was conceived several years ago, but the difficulties in the Middle East led to the fact that the country lost some money and was unable to allocate enough funds to start building their own subways. But this is not the most important - is important is the fact that in general the beginning of the subway under construction. Such a development shows that the region is far from troubled and unstable region, where a constant intervention of the armed forces, as is often served in the news. In fact, a place where people gather, is closely associated with religion, is no different from all other cities where there are also churches and temples, no matter what denomination they belong to. Construction of the subway in the city will allow him to embark on a new path of development, which will be more rapid than the former, which means that the city will now be able to get more money from industry and transport, and the believers will be able to more easily navigate the city with the help of the local underground . While walking around the city and not only has not been canceled, but because it is possible to use their legs to walk around the city - metro is only suitable for long journeys, and not for the fact that you can use it to move between two or three stations.

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