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Mecca subway map

Only in the Holy Land

The only valid so far underground in Saudi Arabia - a subway in Mecca. Yes, in the same town where annually attracts hundreds of millions of people to climb the holy mountain. However, these pilgrims are not only generates revenue the city, but also provide a lot of problems. But this is not the problems that make the fans after the football. Here is seriously loaded with pilgrims, local tracks, which already can hardly bear the locals. Therefore, to ensure that all interested persons transport, a network of roads, which become a local underground. Of course, the subway is not very similar to the usual subway, used by people in other cities. Here there is also a ground and aerial parts, because the Holy Land could not be touched. But the size of trains that are moving here is just amazing. Unlike the subway, where there is a maximum of 4 car length of 20 meters, there are long convoys of more than 250 meters, and they consist of 10-12 cars over a three-meter width. Such colossuses are bringing the crowds back and forth across the city every day, take them to Arafat, or sent to local churches. Thanks to the Metro, which was built in 2010, today many pilgrims no longer use public transportation by land, and uses the subway. If you had a lot of people creating traffic jams, but now they just do not have the roads, because the subway is capable of carrying more than one million people per day. And this is all given the fact that in the country can hardly be typed 20 million. All passengers on the underground - are pilgrims, locals make up among them only a tenth of a percent. But thanks to the pilgrims to the local Subway is constantly loaded, and therefore we can say that people here are living happily and do not suffer from the influx of foreigners, even with the best intentions.

Lost in Translation

At the same time, Metro was built with great difficulty, because most of the true believers said that the subway for a pilgrim should not be - he should get to own the mountain and climb it as well. But what about those people who are old and can not move independently on the mountain, but they have an incredible desire to go there. It was just one problem. The second problem - is the construction itself, as it turned out, so that any construction work would be to turn the holy land in the ordinary dirt, and tons of garbage polluting it. This was the reason that Metro is now completely on the overpass, and not on the ground and certainly not under the ground. To avoid further problems, all operations were carefully aligned, and then began to build a subway. Construction began in the early centuries, and in 2010 it was opened. Of course, no one to dwell on the progress will not be, because such a subway should be extended to the most extreme points of the route to the top of the mountain, for example. Although not understandable, as the metro will climb the mountain it is likely that there will come up with something more original than a subway or elevator, but the three stations on the mountain wants to build in the very near future, so that pilgrims could travel safely to the end and the last few hundred meters to get his way. Right or wrong, to judge, not us, but the people of Mecca became a lot more right after the opening of the subway.

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