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Economic center of the metro, without

Jeddah - is another major city in Saudi Arabia, where you want to build a decent subway. In general, the construction plan has been a long time, but the availability of money has not yet, you can start building, because you want to connect a plan on paper with the actual situation in the city. Jeddah - is the economic center of the region, the entire country, but because this city is very important to get the subway, which will create a large network of public transport for residents and visitors alike. As for the guests of the city, around Jeddah has a fairly large number of small settlements that need to connect to the city, and it must be done so that they are not turned away from the main roads and the subway system in particular. Therefore, the plan has four branches underground, which will connect all parts of the city and intersect at the center. The total length of all branches of approximately 108 kilometers, which means that there will be branches whose length is less than 20 kilometers, or just those branches will be meaningless in this city. So the plan is being finalized so far, to bring more benefits the city, but at the same time, this plan cannot provide transport stability at the end of its construction, because the plan has no less than 8 years, which means that by 2020 year, when it is built, the economic situation may change, and the city itself is also likely to be in a different position. However, this is just speculation, but much more important issue now is that so far underground and not built in a city with a population of over 3 million people. But this is only the city itself - the outskirts and suburbs constitute more than half a million more people, for a total of more than 5 million people throughout the metropolitan area. This means that we need a subway, as nowhere else, because every day people are at risk of being late to work or, worse, get into an accident.

On the ground or above ground?

Despite recent cons of road conditions in the country, metropolitan plan will be created in the form of land transport, rather than elevated or underground, as would be required in the best case. Where will this lead is not yet known, perhaps, be able to avoid problems with the intersection of major highways, but in the end it turns out that the residents will be able to avoid lengthy traffic jams and parking at the entrance to the city. As for the opposite case, if the station would cross the street, there will have to create something different, because at the intersection of congestion will only further, and this is very disadvantageous to anyone. That's why most of the residents are inclined to think that the subway in the city will not only land, but also elevated, as bridges and overpasses exactly come in handy when it will be necessary to cross the highway, which the city very much. But in the end, all metro lines will be created in this way to create a more convenient road network, than that which we have now. With this grid, you can quite happily use public transport and do not be afraid that you will find yourself in the mirror or get into an accident. However, this grid will be soon, because only the first branch will be built almost half a year, and beyond it will have three branches. This means that all of the metro will be built at least 5-8 years. Well, only wait for the outcome of the builders to evaluate it, and along with a ride on the subway.

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