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Yekaterinburg subway map

The last subway of the USSR

In the Soviet Union that had the name of the Sverdlovsk Metro subway, just as the city Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk, formerly called simply. This is the last line of the underground in the USSR, which was opened a few months before the collapse of the system. April 26, 1991 was put into the first train on this line. Start of construction was planned as usual, in the late eighties, but only in the early nineties it has been managed to create at least three metro stations, which tied a strong center of a chord. Further, it does not matter. Only a few years later managed to extend the line for 3-4 stations, then the line grew very slowly, and only 15 years was set up two stations. The biggest disappointment for the citizens - is the absence of the name of the metro, so many people want to give your station a rather resounding name of the famous politician or a beloved writer of children's fairy tales.

Complexity of the relief

Complexity of the project in Ekaterinburg was not related to the fact that the city loses money. It happened all of the terrain, which is due to its proximity to the mountains was very difficult, but also because of built-up city and the availability of the historic core of the city. Therefore, most stations were established at a shallow depth, so you can come down to them without much difficulty, and at the same time during the construction were not damaged historic buildings. Theoretically, in every city where there is a subway, there is the historic center, but as a rule, try to sidestep it. Here we just decided to resort to a simpler method of shallow underground in the city. But, nevertheless, is now 12 kilometers of railways is now at eight stations in the near future we plan to dramatically increase the capacity of the underground.

People and Trains

Due to the fact that there are problems with the depot, as well as some stations, and to overtake the train from one line to another is impossible, most trains in the subway goes to the principle of the shuttle - from point A to point B and back again, and so all its working day. But, nevertheless, it does not interfere with Metro to have high passenger traffic, which is about 110 000 people per day. Results on the line operates 62 car, which are nodivided into roughly four trains in each car. The time between trains is from 4 to eight minutes depending on time of day and day. So, for example, the biggest gap is in the weekend, and the smallest is the logic in the rush hour when most people. Between the train station is in the way only a couple of minutes, and overcomes all the way in less than 17 minutes.

The development of a metro in the near future.

In the near future we plan to create a new branch of the subway, which will expand the network of roads within the city. Through the area in 1905 and the Geological Survey station will have two lines, which then merge into one common network, and the result can be easily travel by train near the town as much as you want, but at the same time you can very quickly get to any area of the city. Especially because the fare is low, but you can not only use tokens, but the payment card, which will take place much faster than the turnstiles.

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