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Ufa subway map

By trial and error

This Subway has started to be planned in the Russian Federation, despite the fact that initially in the Soviet Union were going to build some kind of underground. But his parents are going to be light rail, but the proposal did not meet with any support, because it does not meet the requirements of the discharge of urban streets. So a few years later, when he was presented a new plan to build a subway and a master plan of the city, it was decided to create their own underground shallow, that is, at a depth of less than 30 meters. The history of this station is similar to many of these projects, which are now being built in several Russian cities. The initial period of commissioning of at least part of the subway was delayed for several years at once, twice. First delivery was planned in 2004, then moved to its 2010 and then in 2015. And it is given a high priority of this project with respect to many others who also stood in line and waited until they reach the hands of bureaucrats.

Stability - a sign of permanence

But as usual, yet built the first line or first line, and it is not enough money, most officials are trying to feed the promise of as much as possible "useful." An example of such a "breakfast" was still uncreated prospects subway. Despite the fact that no unprepared station, and to start-up has less than three years, already has a plan that will have a subway in 2030 (!), The two branches, which connect all residential areas of the city with the workers and the industrial areas of the city. In any case, there's nothing really there, but promises to look promising. Especially considering the fact that the Ufa Metro is probably one of the few projects that did not stop funding from - money continued to come, but because work has been done continuously, resulting in constant movement, but the input and subway stations as a whole is constantly postponed. As a result, once again before the eyes of people just dry statistics about how many people will be and how much money was spent. The only subway line, which is currently in a state of stable building will have 11 subway stations: May Day at one end, right at the other white, and will be in the middle of the center, because the subway, as required, it will pass through the center of the city. The entire length of this line is only 15 kilometers and an average speed of trains that will go here, to be about 40-45 miles per hour. The result is that the site will be held for 20 minutes. Cars and trains are expected to default in excess of 4 units per structure. The total number of compounds known so far, just do not know and the time between trains. But given the fact that the expected 70 million people a year, five-minute delay between trains will be just right. In addition, calculated that in the near future will run for at least part of the project, because some stations are ready and as soon as the stores will be launched, will be operational at least part of the subway in Ufa. Bashkortostan is practically built it with his own money, so no stable funding raises no objections, the only problem can arise only with state support - everything else will come slowly but surely.

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