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Olympic subway

Olympics - a lot. It not only set records in the competition, but sometimes even set records in the process of construction. As an example one is in Sochi. Indeed, in this city, in theory there could be no subway, if not for the Olympics in 2014, which is about to begin, and the city really has no proper infrastructure. So the next Olympics will be the subject of light metro, which will pass through not only the whole city, but also part of the coastal zone, as well as touches of mountain terrain. This is one of the most hard developed objects, because no one can say exactly how many people come not just to the Olympics, but also in Sochi as a whole, because this city is very popular for its warm sea and great weather. According to official statistics, only one week on the shores of time is to be visited by about a million people. This means that the influx of visitors from abroad will increase the number of tourists at times. What can you do, there's nothing you cannot change, people come, and that's an easy way to build a subway to encompass the entire infrastructure - it is very difficult.

Athletics, or social object?

However, that from itself will be the Sochi Light Metro type. First, to be held from one to three branches, which will be held at a slight angle to each other, and will gather people from all parts of the coast. Thus, the projected light metro will consist of a main branch, which passes through the major ground hubs: Krasnaya Polyana, air terminal, Adler, Sochi, a marina - tying it all together and thus providing a simple way to anywhere. There is also still an alternative that was proposed later, which offers the presence of only two branches, one of which will go to Krasnaya Polyana, where the Olympic complex, and the second will go to the airport. Thus, light metro in an alternative embodiment of the discharge becomes of social objects, which then will be very useful to the population of the region, in the category of objects that are needed for the Olympics. Nevertheless, it will relieve at least some roads that are in the holiday season just closed cars, and therefore can not use them.

We will see in 2014 ... maybe

Completion of the old or new alternative option is to be held around February 2014 when the Winter Olympics begin. At the same time it will be possible to use the trains to the network, not only athletes, but also easy travel. The only question remains just how many people will be carrying the same station and there will be a flea market and crush the landing. These important issues are easily solved in the cities where the population is stable, but the resort, when no one knows how many people come to relax, do it practically impossible. Therefore, such a small problem remains open, which means that the number of cars, trains and the time interval between them also remain unknown. In any case, it is hoped that the project will be completed on time, and people do not have to hang around in traffic right at the Olympics.

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