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Samara subway map

The slowest subway Russia

Subway in Samara was launched in the late eighties of the last century and was the fifth subway, established in Russia. Who are 9 underground stations and one line with a total length of 10 kilometers. Among the metro stations there are 8 underground stations, as well as a ground. During the construction of the underground into account peculiarities of the city, so the line is passed through the busiest streets of the city to create more favorable conditions for travel by private vehicles on the streets. Construction of metro began in the eighties, and after seven years, was run almost the entire thread, or rather, half of it (4 stations). Despite the large passenger capacity, which is about 16 million people a year, the average time between trains in the Samara Metro is about 8 minutes, quite a lot compared to other cities.

Smart cards - you discount fare

If you suddenly had to pay the fare on the underground in Samara, then you would have to use only the cards and no tokens. Here, in the same way as in Kazan, the tokens are gradually receded into the past, and to be replaced by smart cards and electronic tickets. Despite this, in some places you can still pay with tokens, but mostly used the card. It is known that more than 8000 people are now using such cards, preferring to use it to, and not the standard for travel tokens. Enjoyable trip and will be for students, because transportation for them is half the usual cost of travel, which is very convenient and is a great and deserved popularity. Advantage of cards for travel in the subway in Samara is obvious. There, for each trip saves 20% discount for students and 50%.

Napoleon's plans for development

<>In the long term development of Samara metro stations are a few that will connect new towns and districts of the city. In 2016, for example, are going to build another subway station, which reaches the boundary of the city. At the same time, rumors, and that will be soon established another branch of the subway as a minimum. In general, a very controversial question remains about the construction of the metro to the other side of the river Samara, because initially the issue was dropped when the population is seriously diminished. But then he got up again on the agenda, because the newly populated district of Samara, where a new neighborhood under construction, scheduled to be held back road bridge over the river and along the bridge will be created and metro bridge, as well as new underground station on the opposite bank of the river Samara. This development will surely be useful to the subway for the city's residents. However, this is all there is still only on paper, but it is known, is not a reason to rejoice that the subway will be more. Indicates that the length of the road will grow by 4 times, there will be more trains will be two subway lines, which intersect near the center - but it has not yet been built, but is preparing to enter the construction phase. That is why all hopes are pinned on the mayor, who can create this network of underground and make it much faster than planned, although this case is quite rare. Nevertheless, the new city plan involves not only the construction of new neighborhoods and the subway, including, but many other changes, and this entails a significant financial cost, so anyway, but the results will have to wait very long.

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