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Rostov subway map

Complexity of construction

Rostov Metropolitan has a rich history. Similarly, like most other projects in the Soviet Union, this promised to be built underground, and even in the late seventies - early eighties. But the processes within the country affected the time of construction, so it had to quickly turn off and freeze the entire process. Now the historical development of the metro will be as follows: in 2014 to be built, which was postponed from 2011, and the start line will be produced in 2020. The construction process has been frozen for decades, and a variety of causes were called, especially about the fact that recent work on the construction was not resumed. Among these reasons are called as common for the people, as well as more specific, in particular - lack of money for construction. Now it is planned to allocate money from the city budget.

Metro Line - 5 items and all the paper

Consist of a new metro station will be multiple lines. The first line will start in the next ten years, and the rest later. There were identified several priorities that will link major areas of the city to ensure stability on the roads and in public land transport. There are 5 lines on the plan that was submitted by the Governor. Of these, one is the main, passing directly through the city center, a circular line, and three lines that intersect the city in different directions. And they are designed so that any part of the population can quickly move from one end of town in any other matter of minutes. The maximum length of the path will be slightly less than 15 kilometers, and the time a little more than 17 minutes, which is very convenient. For comparison, ground transportation, even without the traffic jams usually goes a distance of not less than half an hour. Money spent for construction works, looks pretty impressive and constitute at least 70 billion. Number of stations still do not know exactly, but it is calculated that the majority of lines will be located at least 12 underground stations, which will link the main centers in the city. The longest section of the route that is not at the same time, direct, and it is a semicircle, which will be held at the city center, will be 25 kilometers in length.

The popularity of underground

Well, before starting the metro is a few years, even the construction of another is not running properly, but here are some famous people are already being told that out of a subway will be in Rostov. For example, the literature is already possible to find novels that describe the subway from different countries and in particular in the cities of Russia. But the most popular in the city enjoys the festival of bard song, which is called "Rostov the metro." Now it exists only on paper and only a few put into practice, but people are already dreaming that soon they will get rid of traffic jams in the city, which greatly interfere with life, and fully change their places on the subway, which can be reached quickly and comfortably . But up to this point should still survive, after all have to wait at least 8 years before it could be a good ride on the subway south, so that even if nothing is known.

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