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Denial of construction - civil servants flour

The only project in Russia, which is the most controversial of the majority of projects on the subway - it's the subway in Perm. Perm - it's a million cities, where 40 years ago were going to build a subway. During the last years of Soviet rule, all documents have been prepared, all the projects, as well as most of the papers are in short, everything has to ensure that construction began in the very near future. But this did not happen. As soon as the documentation was prepared, gradually growing prices, changed the town, which meant that the plans had to change, leading to even greater costs. As a result, in the early nineties, the construction has not begun, but was only willing to plan. Then began the serious problems with money and the project was completely shelved. However, again in 2001, work began to build again, it would seem, got serious shape, but it is only at first glance. The fact that the city was included in the program funding has not given him anything, because once again created a plan that called for the start of construction in 2005, and then start the line until 2020. And would not give up everything, but only part of the line, so in the future continued construction of the subway would be the same rate. While time passed, the funding stopped, the money ran out, and the project is underground and has remained on paper. All hopes were not realized Perm - construction of a metro in the near future will not be resumed, and this means that the streets will continue to be loaded. Most of the reasons for the underground and will not be built, mainly economic, so that if it was said that this station would not be in the city - its there really is not.

A gift in the form of urban train

But do not so much upset about this, because many people do not like confined spaces and underground, in particular. However, as a kind of consolation Perm citizens got the city train, an analogue station, located on the surface. It also has its advantages, especially cheap and fast travel, but in the summer to ride in hot cars is not very pleasant, so there is really metro train loses. Here is everything - matter of taste.

Yet Metro to be!

But let's back to the subway. A few more promises - in 2006 it was promised that, under the new plan of the city, it will run a new line of light metro. It differs from an ordinary subway is that the station will be a lot less cars already, the monorail will also be smaller - and the result will be much easier. Also, if you look at the matter more closely, you can find many advantages that have light rail. This open space, and the lack of large holes, problems with the construction project and financing in particular. As a result, by comparison, if the usual subway costs 80 million dollars per kilometer, it is the subway costs only $ 50 million per kilometer, so the benefit is obvious. The launch of this project is considered for 2020, as promised earlier, but with the ordinary underground.

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