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Omsk subway map

A long, long construction

Another long-term construction of the present time - this is the underground city of Omsk, which is planned to dig in 2016, when the city of Omsk celebrate as much as 300 years. However, as indicated in the sources, even the date of completion may not be final, and by 2016 will be put, not all stations due to lack of finance. However it is considered that the underground, if it is built, will be the third in Siberia, Russia in the ninth and eighteenth underground throughout the former Soviet Union. However, despite the relatively late start of the construction project, this station has been planned by one of the earliest subways in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg metro. Planned in 1960, this station was originally going to do as one of the branches of light rail in the city, but then it was decided for several reasons to move it into the ground. One of the reasons are very narrow streets, who could not miss even a common transport, and allocation of the territory under the streetcar streets would imply even more traffic problems. This was thought even then, what do we talk about the current time on the streets and so full of cars. Another reason for opening it underground - this is a great length of the streets along the Irtysh River, which is not allowed to enter the tram. So this was another reason that will be underground in Omsk.

Problems at work

More specifically, the Metro is not planned, the metro is under construction, and construction began in 1992, but due to serious problems with the construction money is very slow and so far there are only a few tunnels that interconnect the two banks of the river and a few stations. Altogether now ready about 6 miles of tunnels and roads, and preparing to enter the metro station 4. Overall, the plan has more than 50 underground stations and all four lines of which is preparing to build another one. Ambitious plans, but their implementation is very slow. But if only the money problems interfered with work - we have been able to finish all the faster. One problem was the leakage of money from the city budget, the other problem - the flooding of tunnels under the river. In total, nearly all were sunk underground, and its drainage required to spend about five weeks. Fortunately for the construction company were no injuries.

Small, but densely populated

Omsk Metro will be shallow. If the majority is on a solid underground depth of 50 meters, there is unlikely to be over half the depth of the above. To work at such a depth sufficient to use standard systems for mining, which can break through the big tunnel with a decent rate for any density of the soil. Such systems are now widely used to create tunnels subway Omsk. At night they are able to break through to 15 meters, which means that the pace, you can create a tunnel between the stations for about two months. It is calculated that in spite of the difficulties in financing, the projects will be completed in time, and use this subway will be several million people each year - it is estimated that annual ridership would be about 69 million people.

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