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Novosibirsk subway map

Third place busiest in Russia

Subway in Novosibirsk is different from other because it is the only subway, which is located in Siberia and is the fourth in a row in the subway in Russia. However, the utilization of the underground, despite the small number of stations (there are only 13 pieces) makes this third-busiest station in Russia. For the year underground in Novosibirsk have time to carry more than 70 million people, which means that on average would be about 250 000 people a day, but there were peak times when the number of people in the metro increased by 100,000 people per day, and because the record is More than 300 000 people per day. All of the metro has a length of not more than 16 kilometers and consists of only two main branches, which are arranged crosswise on a map that allows you to create a simple continuation of the growth of the branches of the city. Due to the fact that most of the time between trains is only three minutes, most of the passengers did not have time to accumulate on the platform is elementary, forming a flea market - it is one of the advantages of Novosibirsk metrto. Until 2007, the Metro is served by two different companies, which, after abandoned, and all the subway was to serve one single depots.

Metro Bridge

However, Novosibirsk metro is different from the other by the presence of the main engineering building, which connects not only the two banks of the river and the two parts of the city - a work of art, two-kilometer bridge, created just for him to travel underground. The so-called Metro Bridge was created five years, but given the length of the channel and the complexity of the Ob River, we can say that 5 years for this project - it is a very short period of time for which was created this magnificent bridge. It consists of three parts, all of which closed within a box. The entire tunnel is closed to avoid crashes due to snow or wind. Despite the existence of such an object, the fare on the subway does not change because of the content of the bridge. You can travel to Novosibirsk for just pennies - 15 rubles for the entire trip.

Train Museum and the other subway train

Only in Novosibirsk, you can find a kind of museum on rails - a train that runs around the city, but it is made up of cars that define the era of the metro and the city's history. The train is of four cars, each of which is the time it 20 to 38 years. All the same composition of the depot - is 92 cars, which are separated by 23 staff. Given that Metro was not yet 30 years old, as well as the length of the subway is a lot that provides little time between trains. But the current state of the subway will not meet current development rates, because the need for new branches of Metro, as well as new stations, so, depending on the development of the city, it is expected to increase the number of branches up to 4-5, while the total length of 90 km. Therefore, a sharp rise in the metro will quickly develop the necessary areas of the city, which will lead to even greater growth. As regards the present state, over the past five years, was discovered four metro station. The new station will open next year, so, in spite of the specific plans for development of underground, time is running out, so the building continues quite rapidly.

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