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Nizhny Novgorod subway map

Gorky Metro

Prior to 1992 it bore the proud title of the subway station Gorky, but, due to the renaming of the city, renamed itself underground, becoming the Nizhny Novgorod. Since the city is clearly not up to larger sizes, the metro and it is relatively small - only 15.5 kilometers long on the branch. The branch is currently only one, but in the short term is split in line, one of which will go through the Oka and the other goes along the Volga. But with such a split is due to many problems that need to resolve before the next build. In the process of construction is still in metro bridge across the Oka River, which would connect the two parts of the city, unload the car bridge over the river and thus facilitating transportation services between the parts of the city.

Formulations and rates

Now on the subway line runs of 21, each of which consists of four cars - the standard size for small towns. Depot is calculated by no more than 32 staff, which means that the seats in the near future there will be enough. Thanks to this thrifty, you can open several kilometers underground, and by adding new cars and trains provide the same bandwidth. Subway account in Russia is in third place, because its construction was completed in 1985. To be precise, it is only the date of commissioning of some sections of the route, because the building, though slowly, but continues to this day, as the city grows, and with it grows, and the subway beneath the city. Now everything is laid underground only in 13 stations, which are located on a single branch. There is little nuance. Moscow Station is located so that it can be sent from another branch. If this happens, the station from Moscow to the Petrel will automatically pass to the second branch, because they are at a considerable angle to the original branch. It is therefore necessary to build a metro bridge to create all conditions for the creation of a new subway line.

Interesting Facts

Prices for travel to Nizhny Novgorod Metro is much lower than in any other place. Because of this, there were several situations when we had to seriously restrict the sale of coins. The first case occurred in the late nineties, when a sharp rise in prices was predicted, and all chips were sold at old prices. Then to increase the fares on the same day it was decided to omit the two tokens instead of one. Second, this situation was observed until 2009, when the chips were bought in Nizhny Novgorod for their use in the St. Petersburg subway, where the same tokens were worth much more expensive. This problem was solved thanks to the fact that the new chips, which have been producing underground in Novgorod, had lower weight, because they had a hole in the middle. Only in this way managed to limit the flow of tokens in the other cities. Another interesting fact associated with subway. Here passengers per day among the lowest in Russia - it is only 88,000 people on average per day. The reason is that, despite the location of the subway, which is so high that at most stations do not even have escalators, people prefer to ride on public land transport than to climb on the ground. The reasons all his own, but so far Metro Bridge is not completed, passengers will no longer be, because in those areas where the underground yet, there are densely populated bedroom communities of the city.

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