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Moscow subway map

The second in the world

Chief Metropolitan Russia - Moscow Metro, which was built in 1935, has the second workload in the world after the Tokyo subway. It was this underground can be called one of the most important underground in human history, because only here you can find unique works of art, some of whom are not only the individual items of the Stalin era, but also the entire station, designed in a certain style. In general, any person who managed to get into a subway and be at one of these plants, immediately felt a part of a grand mechanism, but at the same time its important part. Therefore, the era of socialism, most clearly reflected in this metro, shows that this was indeed the era, not just the rule of one man. However, it should go back to the subway. The total length of lines is currently more than 300 kilometers, which, in principle, a little for such a big city, but the system allows the line to carry passengers a lot more with a small number of branches.

Loopback Metro

A large ring limit downtown, so you can move around inside without much difficulty, because the ring trains run quite frequently. In addition, this ring has several crossings with other branches, which also pass through the entire city center. Of the twelve, only two branches do not go inside because they start outside the ring and have a relatively small length of 5-8 stations. But, nevertheless, for a total annual Metro carries nearly 2.5 billion people. For one day more than 6.5 million people, almost half of the city. A significant number of whom failed to reach almost any of the existing underground world. This unique object. Metro has developed a very long time, except for the war period, each year, opened the new station. The modern period is also not found in the side, because in recent years was also discovered many new plants.

Unique station

A total of 185 available, many of them are on the interchange of the two lines are also interchange for three and four lines. Last almost unique - this is the only hub, which also connects the four branches at once at one station. You cannot just assume and assert that there are no more places where it would be built something like that. Given the recent changes in the structure of the city, not less accurate statements and the statements could be an increase in the total number of stations to 67 pieces. The length will increase by 50%. This discrepancy is only because the continuation of the current branch will go to the suburbs of Moscow, and thus significantly increase the underground area. In addition, due to the increase length of the lines can seriously increase the flow of passengers. Many cities are located near the capital of Russia, have a population of about 50,000 people, so the new transport seriously increase the mobility of the population of these cities. Due to the fact that in the near future will need to allocate a lot of money for the construction of new lines and stations, ticket prices will not rise in the underground, and will remain in the old limits. The only problem - it's plug and covered the streets because of construction work. But this is no stranger to local residents. So it's okay for the next eight years, all will be built. Well, or at least part, because the grand plans are rarely implemented in time. We can only wait for new branches and to admire those that are already there, because they are incredibly beautiful places of the local subway.

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