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Krasnoyarsk subway map

A little bit about the past

Planned relatively recently, in Krasnoyarsk Metro was conceived a long time. Even in Soviet thought is to build a subway in this city for more successful in its development. However, despite the fact that the necessity of building it was, as the city grew very rapidly, the decision to build was postponed. Nevertheless, the history of Metro has several turning points. Among them, the beginning of the planning, referring to the seventies, the development of the project, which date back to the eightieth year, and the start of construction, which began only in 1994. But after that the problem did not stop. Despite the fact that the project was ready, and the station itself progressively drilled and built one after another, the problem of pursuing builders. That money was getting smaller, people did not work - there were many problems, as a result of the penultimate step was to stop the project in 2011. But then the mayor of Krasnoyarsk recognized the need and funding for the federal matter is not, and from the city treasury. Therefore, construction of the subway in Krasnoyarsk is currently underway. In theory, states that the construction will be completed in about 2016, ie in less than five years prior to the start of another subway in Russia.

The branches of Metro

Metropolitan Krasnoyarsk will consist of three main branches, which intersect each other, but at the same time cover the entire city and all the territory that is now urban. Approximately the number of stations on each branch the same, so this may cause a uniform distribution of different numbers of passengers on the branches. But while it is not so important. In the presence of a plan for one of the first branch of the Krasnoyarsk station. This thread runs through the center of the city, the station will be on it like: Revolution Square Station, Station, Prospect Mira, as well as eight other stations. All the same branch will be held between the stations Akmolinskaya and Bugach. Two branches of the subway will be laid under water, as a whole will be held on one side of the river, so its construction is almost complete. Ready the area between the altitude and the Prospectus of the World - a total of five stations. During construction, which will last four years, will rebuild 25 more subway stations, and two full branches, which will be transported every year a considerable number of passengers. Needless to say, according to the calculations of Ministry of Transport, who found that for the year in the Krasnoyarsk station will pass 55 million construction cost will pay for itself pretty quickly.

It is interesting to

It is interesting that in Krasnoyarsk underground will be one of the deepest subway in Russia - its depth averages 70 meters, allowing the branches to lay underground directly under the Yenisei, without indentations. Some additional mines go deeper than 80 meters into the ground. For the convenience of descent, each station will be equipped four-lined escalators, which will provide a quick ascent and descent of people to the proper depth. Thus, the forthcoming launch of the metro will be a promising project, which will be one of the greatest works of modern Russia.

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