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Kazan subway map

The youngest Russian subway

In Tatarstan, was discovered very recently, and the youngest at the time of the subway. His discovery happened in 2005, while the entire construction lasted for several years already the post-Soviet space. Despite the fact that the line is assumed only 10 kilometers in length, many proudly claim that the world is and much less large metros, so do not worry it's not that the city is only 10 kilometers of roads and 7 subway stations on a single- a single branch. Also, statistics on the subway shows that, as this practice only in Russia, it is expected that it will be quite expensive, but most other subways are several times more expensive than Kazan. At the opening of the new and the first Russian station was attended by several guests from the government, which, although they felt uncomfortable, but still they decided to take a chance and take a ride on the new subway. On the same day thousands of people were able to enjoy all the pleasures of the new subway.

All innovations in front

The velocity near Kazan is 80 kilometers per hour maximum, and average of 48, all 10 kilometers under the city traversed in 16 minutes, which allows you to very quickly and without traffic jams to get to the key point in the city. Distances are measured between trains only six minutes away, even in rush hour, when so many people. However, there is never a flea market, and despite the small size, the year the subway uses 59 million people, and one day more than a hundred thousand. The great advantage of the underground in Kazan can be considered as a low fare, as well as methods of payment. While in most other cities are using an older token payment system, then you can easily use not only simple counters, but purses, transportation cards, smart cards, travel and many other payment documents, which greatly simplifies and reduces the movement of traffic jams in the metro. Also, the new metro has a mass of facilities for the population. In addition to a wide exits and stairs are provided for convenience and a lot of people with disabilities. At each station there are ramps that can pull a person in a wheelchair down and pick it back up. Hours Metro is 17 hours from six am to 11 pm.

Prospects for development of underground

Prospects of development of the metro in Kazan is quite large. As the city's population exceeded one million before the eighties of the last century and the beginning of construction of the subway was only in the late nineties, even now it is clear that one branch is clearly not enough to ensure the transport of all the people who need it. Therefore, there are plans for the subway, which are designed to provide a link between other areas of the city. In the coming years will be to build another line quite a large extent, as well as increase the length of the first line. On a more distant future deferred construction of several facilities that will provide more thorough support in the city center. So for the next few years will create three branches of the subway, not counting the extension of existing branches.

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