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Chelyabinsk subway map

Powerful Underground

Another subway in the Urals, to appear in Chelyabinsk. Since this is a fairly large city, it is expected that there will be many people willing to give up land transport and use mostly underground. With this calculated that the load will be from 65 to 140 million people annually. The latter figure was created with the expectation that the city will grow, and the second branch will add tens of millions of people to the total flow of passengers.

Put aside for later

It was planned that the subway will be the same in Chelyabinsk in 2010, and there will be a minimum of three stations and depots with a total length of line about 4.5 miles. However, this has not been done because later decided to take the project more complex - congresses at the depot, another station and a few runs. Similar terms were transferred to two years in advance. Then it was done again and now promise a metro in 2016. Construction of facilities is done by machine type «Lovat» Canadian production, which have great power and speed, which is useful in the construction of such facilities. Despite the fact that one day the machine can work out to 15 meters of land for three years had passed just over a kilometer. Even two years the unit will go forward for another kilometer and will be released at another subway station.

Finance and Finance again

As in all other cities where the subway now under construction, there are problems with money. For example, the gradual use of the equipment for the construction of subway and tunnel construction requires constant updating and training, but all this requires money, so when it was decided to purchase a new machine, it became clear that there is no money. Even an appeal to the country's president does not solve the money issue. Now the city budget should draw about 4 billion rubles for the construction of the subway, while the federal government gave him only half that amount. But the presence of at least some money is encouraging, so that most workers are continuing to work on the construction of the underground, although it is rather slow. But this is a major decision in the matter, as it stops construction at this stage could lead to large losses due to the vulnerability of the underground from external weather conditions. And instead of conservation project use only the slow construction. And while the money in the budget is too low, the rate of construction is unlikely to increase, which means only that the term run underground can be postponed indefinitely. But there is one positive aspect - albeit slowly, but the "Komsomolskaya Square" was built in 2011, which allowed to say that in at least do not stand still, and this means that the station will be. It was also established part of the next station and repaired the road surface above it. All this - the result of minimal, but the progressive work of laying tunnels under the city, so citizens will soon be using the underground public transport, which probably will lead to the anniversary of the city.

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