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Bucharest subway map

Part of the story

The presence of underground in Romania - is yet another legacy of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire, which existed well into the late 19th century, but then collapsed, and many of the empire at that time. But we can not say that her story - a story, in fact, a lot remains to the present. In particular, it can be said about the subway in Romania, as well as in several other countries on the Balkans. Given the fact that the Bucharest subway was built for a long time, we can say that the subway here is pretty decent. Of course, modern subway is not related to age before last, but while the railroads were built, on which then created the underground in the city. As for the subway, it was built in 1979, which means that only 30-odd years of existence certainly well reflected in the development of the city. The same can be said about the subway itself, because the metro in Bucharest at the moment consists of five branches, and their length is approximately equal to seventy kilometers, which means that the Metro covers virtually the entire territory of the city. Currently, plans are to further develop the subway, which will lead to more coverage of new areas that have not yet been covered in this metro. In fact, for the construction of subway each year stand out quite a lot of money, which means that the subway in the city will be improved very soon. In extreme cases, the development plan for the next subway is about 10 years - but not anymore. As a result, the underground in general - is an extensive rail network, which is partly on city streets, but most still lies under the ground. The underground portion has the greatest length, and the aboveground part of the underground is missing here, which means that the subway line is built, without calculation of the output directly to the street. As a result of construction work, which sometimes lasts up to now, the underground is constantly evolving and improving, that the city is an excellent tool for development.

Rapid development

But now a metro yet quite different from the future that draws him to a development plan for the coming years. But this does not mean that at present a rather grim underground - are now almost all subway lines operating at one hundred percent, and the presence of relatively old train has no effect on passenger comfort. What can we say about the price of travel on the subway. This fare is very cheap, in particular, low-cost travel provided by the state because there is no cost for the purchase of new railcars for the Metro, and all the money that is invested in the development of the metro has already paid back much later, because the launch of new lines will be added to the state treasury an additional funds. Nevertheless, the presence of a very convenient discounts for students and students who prefer to ride the subway to school in any district. Due to the presence of such a system of discounts you can use the subway every day without serious costs. The purpose of the underground is not withholding money from the population, because its main goal - a comfortable passenger for any distance. Scattered throughout the city for nearly 50 stations that take passengers from 5 am until late evening. It is because of cheap transportation, convenient schedule, as well as the availability of additional discounts, underground in this town enjoys easy wildly popular - every year the number of passengers in the metro is growing constantly and continuously.

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