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Porto subway map

Great Porto

In 2002, of which modern history is quite rich in discovery of new subways across Europe, a new subway was established in the host city of Porto. This city is located in Portugal and not very distinguished, among other cities, but it was decided to create a subway in the first place. Moreover, for the construction of the subway is reason was not even the World Cup, which took place two years later, namely, social problems, as people stood for hours in traffic jams. But Euro 2004 is still influenced by the underground of city of Porto, because it provided the impetus for the expansion of the next subway to the stadium to the fans it would be easier to get to him. Generally, metro in Porto was built to connect a single network of roads all the agglomeration of Porto, which is called the Great Port and consists of six major population centers. As a result of the underground work was created very quickly - the start of construction had to be at the end of the nineties, and in just a few years had been built five subway lines - A, B, C, D, E. In the end, all these lines are tied up most of the settlements, then the plans for the future were only in line F. Generally, the first four lines are parallel to each other, and a fifth of their crosses, so the construction of the subway has caused many difficulties for the builders, but because they were busy with her longer than all the other branches.

Costs alone

In general, metropolitan Porto proved to be quite an expensive project for the country because the price was within the 3.5 billion euros. As a result, even after nine years of operation of the underground city has a loss of more than one hundred million euros. Of course, this loss will soon be covered, however, despite the fact that he is there, will soon introduce another line and continue the expansion of existing branches. In the end, it turns out that not having received the profits from the underground, the city will spend more money. Passenger data is still not available, so it is difficult to predict when the subway will be profitable enough to reach the breakeven point. Currently, Metro has six lines of letters of the alphabet in front of him waiting for another one. The total length of this subway is 60 kilometers and the total number of stations - 82. With all that passengers simply must be quite large, because the total number of people in Greater Porto for a total of more than 1.3 million people. And because of the presence of the underground is simply to make life easier for thousands of people who go to work with the help of the Metro. As for other aspects of the subway in Great Porto, there are no more benefits there, except that the system is designed so that the port itself, being in the center of a relative, allowing people to travel from one city to another, using transplants in Porto, or do not using them in a few cases. In general, the subway is a very handy thing, because nothing is more useful for large agglomerations, except for the subway or light rail, when all roads are just packed with lots of cars. So every time you use the local subway, take a look at how many different people riding in it - they are all from different cities, though the city is kind of like one.

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