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Another subway, which was established in Eastern Europe, located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Metro was created in 1995, that is, at present it can be considered one of the youngest subways of Europe. Metro is just 17 years old, but because he can still develop a long and active, because the number of passengers who use the subway, is growing every year. For example, last year the number increased by about 15,000 people a month and amounted to about 430,000 people every day. As a result, despite the fact that Metro has a relatively short length, the total number of passengers who use the subway each year, the population was approximately the average European country, which is about 150 million people. But these data cannot be considered the average statistical, because every day the number of changes, but in general the graph has a serious tendency to rise. This means that the underground in Warsaw is slowly gaining momentum, despite the fact that the country is gradually suffered one tragedy after another. However, the growth of metropolitan influences several factors that cannot be called a strictly economic. As a result, the plan states the underground in the city will develop in the near future, with its size will grow almost twice, and therefore the total length of subway is approximately 40 km against the present 20. As a result, just grow more and the number of stations - it will also increase by about half. As the number of lines, yet will not create new lines, and only use the one that is already in possession of the city. This means that many citizens remain outside the scope of the underground. However, it should consider the issue is much wider than it actually is, because nothing in the fact that there is only one branch, no. In fact, in very little space. As with all in Poland, there is all the streets are built up very tightly, and therefore any additional load on the street can lead to serious problems. Even digging tunnels under the streets should be done at a fairly deep, because that kind of saving cannot be carried out on the streets of the metro. Especially because there's just no place for it.

Far and near plans

Generally, the more distant future it is planned with the full restructuring of the city lay the two branches. As a result, in the future, Metro will be more broadly cover the city. If you have a conversation about himself underground, you can tell that there are a lot of stations have been carried out in a very original style. On the one hand, this style is very similar to high-tech, but, on the other hand, the design of the stations is not only the modern, as is already relative to the classic, because most of the familiar design of the stations was created using the new materials - glass and steel. As a result, special coverage of the stations they appear shiny and modern, because the shiny glass and metal here seems quite different than on the street. This peculiarity of the underground space gives it a distinctive style. In general, some stations in the future, too, planned to create exactly the same as the station is designed as a high-tech. But it does not spread everywhere here, because for a city rich in history, like Warsaw, the large number of stations are not modernized would benefit. Therefore, all the majority of stations based on the principle that classic design of the subway stations and all - much better than the new species. But local Subway need to evaluate only the most, so it is ambiguous.

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