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The second city, which will be built underground in Pakistan, Lahore will be. So far, the subway in this city there is hardly on paper, because it's all very vague, and probably very distant project, whose construction is due to the peculiarities of the country may be terminated at any time without explanation. In general, Lahore is one of the main contenders to get their own intercity rail, which should be the main in the city. While all this is, of course, plans, and the money has a special power, because even to build a subway in the city of Karachi, it was necessary to borrow a large sum from the Japanese. However, the subway, it seems, will be based solely on the city money and the money will be allocated from the municipal budget, so to say that the subway in the city will be built as soon as possible, it is not recommended. After all, the city's budget is unstable, leading to numerous problems with money and, consequently, with everything else. Therefore, the prospects of the subway so far unclear.

Dreams and hopes

At the same time, city residents are counting on the fact that instead of the movement on the streets of the city, they can move to the metro and subway can be a normal looking, and easy - yet it is also not determined and it is impossible to talk about a specific form of underground that appears in this city. At the same time have been made, measurements, and data on the construction site were sent to the company, which will be the main developer of the area. At the moment, prepared drawings, which then become the initial step in the construction of conventional metro. As can be seen, information about the subway in the city very little, but do not forget the fact that the project simply can not take place and will remain in history on paper only if they made drawings, or only in the form of abandoned construction sites. In fact, Pakistan is that it is impossible to predict what will happen next in the country. So, how would the people of the city did not want to Subway was built, to ensure that so far no one can, which means that now only have to wait. It should be noted in fairness that, in spite of the large population, the city is not required in the subway, because it is not strategically important center in which to support the development of the appropriate rate. In addition, this subway will be an additional burden for the city, the calculations show that the efficiency of it will be not as great as one would expect from a city with a similar population.

The need for underground

However, it is not necessary to speak only in minor tones, because the times were carried out any steps towards a new metro system, but it does mean that a subway is needed as a minimum. The only question that need it the city or country, because it shows to some extent the need for a subway in the city and, in addition, show the speed of its construction. Examples where subways were built very quickly, quite a bit, but at the same time you can talk about the fact that such subways were built, first, in the presence of large amounts of money, and secondly, they really needed. Therefore, when it comes to Lahore, it can not be so far underground to refer to any type of underground - are too vague project, which is satisfied with Pakistan. However, if it is completed, it will be possible to consider it a significant head start for the city and country.

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