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Oslo subway map

Metropolitan Oslo was first launched in autumn 1966. And at that time was only a length of 10.2 km. An interesting fact is that its history dates back to the formation of a network of suburban trams in the early 20th century, which were later transferred to a standard metro.

Description of Subway Oslo

To date, Metro Oslo is a network of routes with a total length of 84.2 kilometers, connecting 105 stations. These routes connect with each other all the 15 districts of the capital of Norway and adjacent Berumen. The network of overpasses includes 6 lines (2006), which are identified by naming a line of color-coding scheme and the number on the movement. All these lines are combined in a single tunnel, which has an additional eight branches. Thus, in the heart of all the subway lines converge, and all trains are on the same paths. This tunnel is a common ring line for each of the routes it is a part of the ring. On the outskirts of the route of trains diverge, tunnels for the most part is low, and further movement of trains is carried out on the ground.

The average length of the path between the stations of the route is 815 m The special features of the Oslo Metro is deep-underground subway lines. Most of the landing stations (except for the 6 stations) - land, which only then go into the ground. Since the construction of the subway was complicated by the presence of rocky soil, with its design took into account these features of the landscape. Many of the tunnels cut out in the rocks and their construction is not used special wall decoration. Prior to 2011 from more than 100 stations, about two dozen have been closed for reconstruction.


At the operating stations in most cases, the route are located in the middle, and the landing platform on the side. Thus, for the transplant to the other side has to follow to use the special transitions. From the landing platform to the lobbies are stairs or escalators. In order to avoid ice formation and ice all passenger stations are equipped with special electrical heating. As an example, the result is in the largest of the landing stations - the station in Greenland. It is located on two levels and has an underground hall, where is the ticket hall and various ancillary facilities including retail outlets. Beneath the lobby at a depth of 25 meters is room for passengers with a total capacity 3,000 people themselves landing platform. All Metro stations are equipped with automatic counters Oslo checkpoints. Control of trains by the central control station, which is located a special board with a light pattern of subway routes. Thanks to the signal at a specified schedule recorders applied to the actual execution of the schedule of trains.

In addition, control room equipped with telephone and radio communications not only with all the stations, but also with the control stations ground passenger transportation, which gives in the case of absolute necessity to improve the provision of passenger transport of different species.

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