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Rotterdam subway map

Metro on the river

In one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, which is called the Rotterdam metro came very early - in 1968. Compared with the numerous subway, which began to cover the whole world in the eighties - this can be called underground old man proud among the other European non-capital subways. Speaking about the underground in general, we can say that here there is a lot of different stations, which were created specifically for transplants, as Rotterdam is not a city with strict centralization - is more agglomeration, a set of approximately the same number of cities, and therefore allow the presence of underground more closely link the city with each other. In general, if we talk about the subways, which were built in Europe, they are dissimilar in structure to the metro in Rotterdam. In order to find differences in the number of stations, or the length of the spans, which are unlike Europe-wide, we need only look at the data, which results in statistics for the Netherlands. In general, even if you look at the name of the country, it becomes clear that the metro underground is difficult to lay. After all, this is a country of low lands, and because much of the area for only a few meters above the sea level rises, while the subway tunnel easily falls below this level, and therefore get bad situation when the tunnel for the trains will be an underground conduit for water. As a result, the entire length of the metro is only a few kilometers below ground. And this is a relatively small distance with respect to all major subway, because the main subway was located on the ground, and the same small part, as well as underground, safely climbed up on the overpass. The same is true of all the affected lines, which opened after the date of the main - it happened at exactly the same reasons as before. In general, the subway was built in the Netherlands is very unusual.

Unusual Subway

Dimensions of subway in Rotterdam for the European standard - approximately 55 kilometers of the railway, which is 62 stations. It is at these stations can change many times from one branch to another - the benefit of all, there are five branches, which can be used, and still plans to build several more branches, but it's the distant future. As for the present, the underground is quite unusual. Almost all of it is located on the street - this cannot be seen in most cities, but it was in the Netherlands, the streets in the cities were built so that after an increase in traffic could safely add lanes or put underground. In general, if we talk about the subway on the streets of the city - it is much better than the subway, which is approximately at the second or third floor, because in this case, the subway will greatly interfere with sleep at night - even if the night will be only two trains, the joy of waking up in the 23 30 will be very small. But it made more practical, especially since the streets again allowed to do so, then I had the chance. Metro goes underground in several places, with only a few kilometers. Most of them are tunnels, which are laid under the tracks, so that the subway will never intersect with the road traffic. As for the cost of such joy in the Netherlands, then a trip on the subway is cheap, so many people who ride the subway every day, buy a regular ticket.

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