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Gift of Christmas

In 1977, just at the end of the Christmas holidays, the subway was opened in Amsterdam, which allowed people to go to work do not walk, and not stuck in traffic, and use the subway, which went straight through the center of the city and opened people's access to rapid and economical transportation right in the center of the capital. With the new subway is quick to get to work, and the next branch, which opened in the city, made possible the access of citizens to the suburbs and the outskirts of the city, because it was required that citizens could travel around the city, in spite of the presence or absence of other means of transport . As for the subway, he has covered virtually the entire territory of the city to date. Now there are 4 lines, 42 kilometers of the railway station and 52, which are scattered throughout the city, but they fully meet all the requirements of a modern subway, but because the metro in Amsterdam is very easy and very fast. But at the same time, it is not the way to Rotterdam - here it is on earth and under the earth, but never rises to the overpass to reach the highest level. Thanks to Subway almost inaudible in the city, the only place where you can hear the noise of the subway - it outputs a margin as part of the branches off from the city and goes to the city nearby. Due to this, the metro is low compared to other underground, which the city was located only on the racks. Some of the branches (the majority) is located under the ground. Of the 42 kilometers of 35 were laid under the ground, despite the fact that here, just as in Rotterdam, a high water table. Here, however, could lay the underground due to the fact that the water level can be easily managed with the help of a large number of dams and pumps, which pumped water from underground tunnels. As a result of the underground drainage system is working smoothly, that is why the subway in Amsterdam can be considered one of the safest metro systems in northern Europe.

Safely Underground

Besides the fact that Metro is very safe, it is also very convenient because it allows people to move with greater speed over long distances. Compared with other public transport in Amsterdam is quite a lot, Metro looks quite different, because the presence of large trains that are moving inside the city, can comfortably travel within the city. As for the price of travel, here with this situation is pretty good - fare is cheap, for pensioners and students provided good discounts that allow them to travel on the subway without too much cost. That is why is it that most people with the advent of Metro moved over on him, and not on other public transport. This suggests not only that, people just want to save money, but also that there are strong environmental sentiments, which often cause people to send to the environmental transport, rather than the usual. But this is not the only reason, because the transportation on the rails are always moving much faster than any other transport, which moves in the usual way. As for the further development, the local Metropolitan clearly get it as soon as required, because the experience of construction of the metro areas in the complex is already there, and this means that the metro will be built much faster.

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