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Monterrey subway map

A solid underground

The system of light rail in the city of Monterrey, which is located in Mexico, was built in 1991, and this is the last station, which was established in Mexico. Its creation is not cost the country dearly, but the terrain in the county was not the easiest. As for the results, here they are led to the fact that the dimensions were 31 underground kilometer. Not the biggest metro, but not the smallest, and therefore it carries every day about 300,000 people, which is quite a lot for this city. But the whole point here is the amount of subway - 31 kilometers can carry much more than 10 kilometers, but because these subways are universal for most cities, whose population is about one million inhabitants, along with the population of the suburbs. Well, let's look at all the lines that exist in this city. So far, their only two, however, these lines have a fairly large number of stations and respectable mileage, so that people can get to the right place for them. Of course, until all seats are not available, but in the future the line will grow, and their number will increase, but because of the Monterrey Metro will become even more voluminous. As for the old stories of underground city, there are some interesting facts that will certainly be interesting to know for those who want to know more about Mexico.

Saving, helping people, and future plans

Generally, the construction of lines and their extension is not a matter of one year (or, more). All the lines were built a long time. If you initially open a branch was a small length, then all subsequent years, these branches are constantly growing and lengthened. Metro's recent growth has occurred in 2007, then at the opening of new ground stations involved not only the governor of the state, but also the president of Mexico. One of the major steps to improve the economic situation in the region after the crisis, which hit the country two years after the last expansion of the underground, was the introduction of free travel on the subway. Although the free ride lasted only two months, it has allowed many people to seriously adjust their costs and made it possible to save a little money in the near future. As for other questions regarding the subway, then its price is quite low at around 30 cents per trip on the subway, regardless of the distance that you will pass on the train. As additional benefits, it is possible to buy tickets for a different number of trips, you can purchase reloadable cards for travel, which will automatically pay your fare after you have logged into the subway. All this is seriously helping people live more comfortably and not worry about the fact that there is no ticket in his pocket. Cards that you can recharge anytime, as long as it helps to do without for a long time standing in lines - it is very time-saving, which very few business people. These maps do not save money, but still use them very, very comfortable. In other words, what would you not talk about Mexico, in fact it is a developed country in which to live well and comfortably, just as they ride in a local subway station.

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