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Mexico City subway map

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Southern neighbor, the U.S. border has always been a backward and underdeveloped country, despite the fact that once the country is able to capture more than half of the presently existing United States. Also, many people think that in this country there is not a subway, but they are sorely mistaken. Because in this country is not a subway, but three, and here we will talk about the first Mexican Subway, located in Mexico City. Due to the fact that Mexico City - the capital of the country, it is the most developed city in the country, but because it appeared the underground much earlier than in all other cities. In particular, the Mexico City subway was built in 1969, while other cities got it decades later. Probably some of the economic reasons yet affected the rate of development of cities and the country as a whole, and therefore pre-planned construction of the subway was delayed for the previously undefined terms. As for the metro in Mexico City, then we can immediately say that the subway has a length of more than 200 kilometers, and therefore belongs to the largest metro in the world, although it is clearly not in the top ten. It has 175 stations and 11 branches, which are quite complex and confusing network of distributed relative to the outskirts of the city center and suburbs as a result of supply and the town center workforce. During the day, Metro carries nearly 4 million people, and for the year is incident almost half a billion. For a country about which many people think is not very good - it's kind of a record and the achievement of which the population of the whole country is proud of ever since, as the subway was built.

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Of course, this Subway has its own characteristics, which are available only at this station. In particular, given the terrain and the location of the city, you can immediately say that the subway cannot be entirely underground. His average is about 5-10 meters below the surface, but this is achieved only by the fact that the subway once beyond the city, immediately comes to the surface, despite the fact that the city continues to seriously develop and strive for their suburbs in order to fully absorb them. As if he did not want to do it, so far suburbs remain outside the general area of ??the city, so it just goes to the underground of 11 branches. Inside the city there is a very large number of stations that are interchange, that is, at these stations, you can use other trains on the same ticket. There are 24 such stations out of 175. In the future this number will be increased by another 4 because it will build another branch at number 12, which pass through almost the entire city from east to west, and will interfere with existing lines of 4 points. Separately, I want to say a few words about the composition of that move along the lines - they are huge, because there are 4 to 6 cars with a length of more than 20 meters. The total length of an average of more than 110 meters. With this number of people transported is growing from year to year, as the city grows, and with it grows underground, which soon will be continued.

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