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Guadalajara subway map

The first branch, the second branch

In 1989, was not built in the largest metropolitan Mexico, which consisted of two lines which are at right angles to each other and allow you to pass beneath almost the whole city. The longest line, whose length is about 15 kilometers, it was built first in 1989. After it, when five years have passed, and the line was insanely busy, but the workload remains the same street at the top, it was decided to begin construction of a new branch, which would allow trains to enter into other areas of the city, which were not previously covered. This decision was made not in five years, and a year later, when the city government saw how lines are loaded. After five years, has opened a new branch, which branched off from one of the central stations of the old branches. As a result of such nodivision of underground, turned the system that is in the city at the moment. But now the transport network under the ground is not yet satisfied with the current government. The city is still very much loaded, and this means that the Metro will have to invest new funds. But it's scary, because it profits from such investments will not take long, because at the current line passes for the year 22.5 million people, which means that each year goes to the treasury at least $ 10 million from the sale of tickets for the subway. In the future, to get rid of problems on the roads, planned to build another branch, which will be transporting people to another part of the city, which so far is not covered by the subway. In any case, it happens, even if the plan will take several years to come.

And the third branch

But as for the problems that were associated with the construction of underground in this city. Guadalajara - this is a very old city of Mexico, he has history of more than 300 years, and only the transport history of the city is nearly 200 years, even when the first trams were moving to a live draft. So, to the problems. The biggest loss for the city, when construction began on the subway - it's demolition of old streets in the historic city center. As a result of this processing center in the city was completely destroyed several streets and old houses in which lived a few generations of their respective owners. However, there was an advantage - the destruction of old houses has made it possible to create one of the widest avenues in Mexico. Thus, besides the fact that under the street was paved tunnel, so once it became avenues of federalism. Sounding name for a hands-free streets. In the underground city can move very quickly. Despite the large number of stations and the small stretch between them, the trains are moving very quickly, and their speed is about 50 km / h, while the maximum is 70 km / h In total, 48 cars, which means that there are about 12 trains that ply on these branches and carry about people at work and at home. Among the plans for the future is also still increasing fleet of trains to be enough for a new branch, which is already under construction. The plans indicate that this new line will consist of 21 stations, which will be carefully built on a branch of length 16.5 km. To be more, how much distance is between the stations, put eight trains - that is to be the distance between them. And the speed of the subway is still very high.

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