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Vilnius subway map

Distant plans

In another Baltic country is built underground, which should solve the transportation problems of the city of Vilnius. The capital of Lithuania was the last of all the cities where subways were built back in the twentieth century under Soviet rule. However, Metro has not been built, and therefore currently preparing to launch the construction of conventional underground in Vilnius. At the moment there is nothing but a plan of construction, and therefore cannot say for sure exactly when that will be built underground. One thing, according to the plan - Metro is scheduled for completion in 2020. It is to this date will be built light metro, which will cover a small town, but at the same time will be organized as soon as the construction of additional stations that will allow Metro to grow with a successful case even more. At this stage it is planned underground in the number of three branches, whose total length will be 34 kilometers. The exact number of plants is also unknown, but it is planned that all of them will be 25 pieces. But this number could change because the city is developing, which means that some areas may become less populated, and some of the more populated - this means that in the first case, the number of stations will be less, but in the opposite case, the stations will be more. Once again, we note that the exact number of stations is unknown, even the plan allows for the possibility of building a different number of stations on the same section of the railway. It just means that the plan is yet to be approved and require additional checks in real terms, which are likely to be a little different from the plan. In any case, the construction of light rail in the city of Vilnius will be the next step of the republic to join the European society, a kind of step forward. Meanwhile prepare the site for the building and cleared areas that will soon become a normal line of the subway. But let's look at what will be underground.

The structure of the underground

To begin with: in this metro will be only three lines, but it is enough to cover this could be a small network of the city. Thus, the three lines pass through the old town and new town, but because it is very important to build in the old town did not affect the historic buildings of past centuries, which in this part of town a lot. As for the lines themselves, the blue and red lines on the basis of one point will be parallel to each other, but then they re-unite, forming a right parallelogram. Through it will pass along the diagonal green line that nodivides a figure into two parts. As a result, the city obtained a split in half to form two rings. More precisely, for the initial plan was created by only one ring (the ring in a general sense of the word) but after the subway will continue, and the blue and red branches connect, the line will be re-united, and therefore in the city center will be traveling on the subway much easier than the first term. However, prior to the second case has not yet come, because even the primary metropolitan area does not exist. Metro will be constructed on the surface of the city, but because money is needed for the construction of the underground is not so much how much is usually spent in creating not only a deep underground, but in general any burial. This applies to all cities, Vilnius and therefore in this case was no exception - the savings from the city budget will allow the city to do other projects after the subway, but because Metro does not become a big minus for the city.

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