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Remarkably all that is not built

In Riga the planned subway. It seems to be a simple phrase, but the people who were connected with the subway, she is just a storm of emotions, as in the preparation of the construction of the subway was supposed to so much effort and time that such an underground simply had to be built. But here we will discuss the subway, which was planned, and everything was planned out down to a specific opening date of the subway - it planned to open in 1996, then moved to this date in 2000 and then 2021. But all of these dates have been violated by a simple event - the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which many plans have gone on the back burner. As a result, the underground in its original form and has not been built in the city. However, after Latvia split off, the city began to offer their own plans on what Metro could be created in the city. Plans were a great many, beginning with light rail and finishing an ordinary tram. To implement at least one of these plans would have to spend a considerable amount of money, and the state, which at that time was not even a few years, could not provide even a minimal cost for the construction of the subway. Therefore, to avoid the many problems of money, the real underground decided to forget completely. Now, now, we consider only those options that may be financed by foreign investors, in particular, the most popular project is the city tram, which will be built on one level, and as a consequence there will be many in the city of bridges and tunnels.


As you can see, it is a good plan collapsed, and then was forgotten altogether. But as the general had the idea to build a subway in the city where the population of one million people is not it? And it is not just not there - even in the next 20 years on the analysis of population growth is not planned to jump up to a million people. But none the less. Then consider that each union republic must have at least one underground, or even a parody of it - metrotram. Therefore, in 1966 (how long ago it was) it was decided to plan Metrotram in Riga. The plan called for the creation of a tram, which was moving around the city freely on the surface, but in the center of the city he had to go down in shallow tunnels. Depth of burial was to be no more than 6 meters. That is why a simple tram suddenly turned into a metrotram. But then the plan changed again - metrotram Riga turned on paper in an ordinary subway just because it passed through Riga large number of tourists in Jurmala. Due to the presence of such a resort, people in the capital grew only more, but because it was required that the city could provide transport everyone. The new target consisted of three underground lines and passed through the city, so that in future you could create an additional line, or simply extend existing ones. As a result, each year the plan was becoming more complex and cumbersome, but now it came to its implementation, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the plan has ceased to be profitable. Such was the sad story of a subway in Riga. Now the city is nothing but the future will be built at least a tram line.

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