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The new capital - a new metro

In the Kazakh capital, more precisely, the new capital but the city itself, has been actively constructed and solid underground. But at this point, construction was delayed due to lack of funds, but plans for the Metro were pretty good. However, the strong growth of the city does not yet allow him to create an accurate and precise budget, despite the fact that the development of the city invested quite a lot of money. But compare that less than 10 years the city has grown by about half. With 270,000 people population grew to almost 600,000. That is, at this rate of development of the city could pass for a million people have only five or six years. That's why Metro has been planned in the current decade, but suddenly found that the subway in the city cannot build - there is no money. The plan had to build 12 plants in 9 kilometers canvas, but so far the construction has been suspended. Generally, the plan was originally subway a lot more, because they needed to cover the entire growing city, as underground should be comfortable and cover almost the entire city. The more that the previous plan of the underground meant that the Metro will be mainly located in the streets of the city, which does not correspond to the normal development of the city, because in that case would have to make the streets wider, resulting in a rise in the cost of the project. After that the old design was replaced by a new one which stated that the Metropolitan of Astana should be more like a light metro, and it will settle down for the most part only on the racks, for greater ease of use. But the flyover in the city at the present stage of construction is not very profitable, because the presence of heavy traffic on certain streets does not allow builders to deploy the technology. On the whole metropolitan planning stage faced many difficulties. However, there is hope that soon will be built underground.

The money will be - then begin

Such a conclusion could have been done after the next economic summit held in countries where it was found that the means are preparing for Astana, which will be the initial capital for the construction of large underground light type. Regarding the choice of a light metro as the main form of public transport within the city, here you can single out an important feature in the form of transport capacity. This means that some vehicles capable of transporting a certain number of people over a certain period of time. In Astana, light metro will carry up to 10,000 people every hour, while conventional underground construction would be inappropriate for the city, because the underground in its usual form carries a lot more people than necessary, but it requires a lot of money for maintenance. Since the construction of light rail can bring the city more money than an ordinary subway construction, was chosen the latter option, as more suitable for a young town. In an extreme case, if there is enough room, you can build several parallel lines. That's why Metro Astana is one of the attractions of the city at least in terms of what they plant to be made in a style that not only reflect the national culture, but also adds a freshness in the form of new capital.

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