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Alma-Ata subway map

The youngest

Easy Metro Alma-Ata became the youngest underground at the time of this writing - it was created in the 21st century, but it opened in early December 2011. That is, this subway so far only six months. Nevertheless, the convenience of the Metro has estimated a number of local residents, as each day carries a small underground of 30,000 people. So far, the results cannot be named for the year, but we can predict that a year will accumulate more than 10 million passengers. So far, Metro is small - only one branch, seven stations, seven kilometers canvas. But judging by what is now the number of passengers has a great figure, the development of Metro happen quite soon. In particular, already has a plan that first branch, marked on the map in red, will extend to both sides so that it will triple its length. Perpendicular to it, with two crossings will be built next branch, green color, which is the length is unlikely to yield to a branch, already constructed at this time. Thus, Metro Alma-Ata, after his next increase will have a length close to 40 kilometers. Both branches of Metro will fully cover the city, and therefore the number of passengers that Metro carries now, too, will increase by several times. As a result, the development of the underground in this city is likely to happen soon, because this is not enough underground to the city, but those residents who already use the subway completely happy with it. Metro has a number of significant advantages that allow people to save time, for example, using smart cards that can be replenished at any free time. Maps are almost limitless - they are removed from service only if the latter happened to the completion of 90 days ago. In other cases, the card remains valid until the last. At the same time, there is the possibility to use the usual tokens, which are calculated on the same day. If you are able to pass valid token, they can be used on Saturday - the day declared a day of badge.

They built their own

However, the payment process is also very convenient - and it saves time, too. Subway in Alma-Ata was built during the Soviet years, or more precisely, it was planned and prepared the site for the upcoming metro. The first phase was put underground in the late eighties, and the rest was built gradually, until about the end of the first decade of the century. To build the subway after the collapse of the Union, had to get into unprecedented debt - the state delayed salaries for months, and sometimes even years. After this it was necessary to create alliances with other countries that could provide the country with manpower, money and materials, as well as professionals. As a result, Union was originally established with Austria - a local company has agreed to build a subway in the city. Until 2003, they abandoned the building. In the same way as the Germans and the Canadians, who later, after first visiting the abandoned construction work in Alma-Ata. ThereforeKazakh had to build a subway on their own and their own money, because no one except the Kazakhs could build a subway. But now it is ready, consists of a single branch, which, however, working steadily, although many said that Metro simply implode. This did not happen - so far so good.

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