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Yokohama subway map

Young Underground in the old town

In this city subway appeared much later than in other cities in Japan - is telling the state of the underground at the moment. While in other cities, a large number of branches and with the entire line kilometers is about 130-200 kilometers, there are only two branches, one of which has not yet been completed before the end, but the original thread runs through the city along the coast, crossing many streets. The second branch of the beginning of construction in those areas, which did not reach the first branch of the subway, and therefore initiated the construction is still going to be able to let the first train, ready to go to new areas for passengers. Looking at the map of the subway, you can see that the city crosses a lot of branches, but not every branch - a branch of the subway, because in so many railroads, and trams. The whole city seems like a big grid of smaller roads, but the major lines on a map - this is the subway. So far, the green line, which is only 10 stations, not used in full, because three of the 10 stations - this intersection with the blue line, which runs parallel to the coastline, while the remaining stations are located at equal distance from this intersection, so this branch is still in "limbo" state, that is, it still does not lead to the suburbs or the city center. Of course, its further development, sooner or later give her the opportunity to carry people in both parties, but so far not explicitly used the subway a hundred percent, so the development of the subway is not as fast as originally planned. As for the blue branch - it is just used pretty well. As a developed port city of Yokohama is very good use of the blue thread for transporting workers to the ports, as well as a variety of managers who are engaged mainly in loading and unloading, as well as documentation.

Fortunately for the money badly for the people

Yokohama cannot be called a tourist center or town in which it will be interesting to live newcomers. These people go in search of work, but because the city is not plagued by mass entertainment, as well as many clubs, so on the northern outskirts of the city, where most residential neighborhoods, a branch of the subway does not go so far. Of course, the plan there will be underground, where it is underground - the experience of other states in the creation of the subway on trestles in a residential area obviously sad, but because it no longer is not going to adopt. As for the underground development at all, it is planned to have two branches of the subway, except those that are already in town - one of them will be from the west, and the other from the east, as a result of these branches will provide some useful rings inside the city, which greatly increase the flow of passengers in the subway, because, once the center of town is a lot of different offices, banks and other institutions, there will certainly be a very important time to get to your destination. The mayor said it is on the plan, which is designed for the next 10-15 years. Therefore, the residents it is hoped that someday they will be able to ride the subway to work, and not wait until the green light and they can drive down the street to the private car. As for the suburbs and small towns around, the subway so far there are not going to - too expensive, because the people there a little, and the cost is very high because of the kilometers of terrain.

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