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Unexpected Metro

In many countries, subways are being built only if the city is more than a million residents and roads can not cope with the influx of cars. But what happened in the city of Sendai, which it decided to build a subway? No one is now just will not give an answer why it allowed the city to build underground, although it required about 250 thousand people to start construction. Of course, maybe there was an error which crept into the calculations of builders, or simply added to the city to the suburbs because the suburbs the city we have 500,000 people who add up to nearly 1.3 million people. In other words, the subway was built after all, despite the fact that the government thought about another two years before starting to build a subway. Nevertheless, in 1985 construction was started, after which the city had the first branch of the underground, which stretches for 15 kilometers from north to south, passing right through the city center. As a result, Metro joined the residential areas on one side with the industrial zone on the other side of town. As a result, about 15 kilometers of track is 14 stations, which pass through several areas.

And under the ground, and on the ground

But the subway itself is not entirely underground. Several stations, and, consequently, the blade is located a few kilometers above the earth - out of town is the two stations, which come to the surface. A huge plus subway stations and in general - is its design. Of course, the design of the tunnels themselves no one pays any attention, but if you look at the station, you will notice that each one is decorated differently. Moreover, the style chosen for a reason - he was always in harmony with nature, and therefore we can not see a big contrast between the colors of paint on top and at the station. Another plus subway in this city is that here all the stations have elevators for easy descent or ascent to the surface. So, if you decide to go down on any station, you will have a choice - you can use the escalators, but you can try and catch the elevator, which quickly flushes you down.

One branch is now the second branch afterwards

As a result, the underground was very friendly, but one branch, which passed through the city, trains first time was not enough - the problem was solved later, when they were bought up to new trains to be able to reduce the time between trains to 8 minutes. Perhaps you will say that this time - a lot, but in fact a small town that time very small. As to this, soon the time will be slightly reduced because the system is preparing to enter another branch at number two, which will be held at an angle to the first branch and will be launched in 2016. But until that time has not come yet, and time will remain the same. At the same time the most important thing will be in the subway - is the large number of stations that will connect the two lines and thus will be quite convenient for the passage of a large number of people. If at Sendai - the town is not very large relative to other cities in Japan, it is quite convenient subway and its size has no effect on the level of service.

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