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Sapporo subway map

Differences cities

Subway in the city of Sapporo was built not long ago and so far there has only two branches, which operate at a level to be able to transport people to the relatively large distance of the city. All branches add up to about 30 kilometers linen, a little, of course, but until that is convenient enough. NOT so long ago, the city opened the third line, but it is yet at the stage of operational testing, and therefore it cannot yet be considered part of the underground city. Further, among other features of the underground, should indicate the fact that the subway here uses significantly more people than in any other city - approximately 40% of the population prefers to ride the subway instead of buses or other wheeled vehicles. In general, eat smaller the town, and later was built underground, the less people want to use it, despite the fact that the amount of traffic congestion is growing every year. But the example of the city would like to consider why the same people from the small town do not like the underground as "love" of his people from the larger settlements. Basically the reason is not even in the fact that prices are very different (though mainly differ in the direction of prices, more inclined to use the underground), but the fact that people are just too lazy to use the subway to ride a few stops. Imagine that you live about two miles away from your work. This distance is very small, if it pass by bus or car. But on the other side - you get stuck in traffic and lose a lot of time. And if you go on foot - there are too many intersections. And if you take the subway - it's much easier, but you have to go down for a long time, buy a ticket or token - as a result spend a lot of time, but this should not be allowed if you are late for work. Theoretically, the mentality of people does not give the subways to develop further. If the theoretical number of passengers in the subway has been exceeded in practice - then development proceeded more rapidly.

Errors in calculations

But in reality it is very rare, and examples of cities will be enough. This is mainly the big cities. As for small towns where the population is just over one million people, there are questions about the subway a lot more. That's metro Sapporo is also related to such subways. One mistake - and thousands of people will not use the subway. If the line was a little farther away from residential areas, or a little bit does not reach the main place of work, then get ready to assume the losses, not profits, because people do not want to get from the station to their place of work on foot. Therefore, only slightly Sapporo Subway did not guess the mood of the citizens, because 37% is quite a lot, but still not enough in the event that this amount is still not satisfied with the plan. So now the city built more branches of Metro, which will be followed more closely, and will cover a much larger area than we have now. So when it happens (and it will happen very soon), subway Sapporo will bring much more profit to the treasury.

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