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Osaka subway map

Metropolitan industrial center started selling arrangments

In Osaka, another major city in Japan, too, has its own subway. He began to build at 10, not 20 or even 50 years ago. The construction and opening of the metro area in the city of Osaka was in 1933 when the world moved away from the global crisis. At that time, Japan has continued to evolve. The city of Osaka - a big industrial and business center in the north-eastern Japan, where there is a lot of factories, industrial plants and office buildings. The city's population is also quite large, and because the construction of underground in the city was only a matter of time. In order not to pull the cat's tail, the government and the city agreed that the underground city very much needed, otherwise the problems in the future will not be avoided. It is for these reasons, visionary, and also because the people themselves were not against the new vehicle in the early thirties of the last century in the city are beginning to lay the subway. Initially, its length was not large, because it was impossible to build a large underground with the machines and manpower, which has been before. But then, as the growth of the city begins to grow and subway - if the original was only one branch, which passes through the city in one direction, but now there are quite a lot of branches, which diverge in different directions from the city center. There are currently there are 8 lines, each of them painted in a specific color, with respect to the usual custom cards metro. That is, there on the map not as a "yellow" or "blue" - is a completely different color - a golden orange, yellow-green, royal purple. All colors show pride in their achievements of the people in the subway.

Ease of lines

The current metropolitan Osaka - is not only the eight subway lines. It's 130 kilometers of track and 123 stations, which are carefully placed inside. To ensure maximum benefit with the underground, were curtailed as additional transitions between stations, and Stretches up just over one kilometer. That's because most people are getting up to any station within minutes from virtually anywhere in the city or suburbs. Therefore, convenience of the subway is that people who use the trains do not have long to get to the right place to catch a train. Even in the distant suburbs of the city center for a few minutes to get to the station, and then you sit on the train, which rideyou right in the center. If you need to get to another suburb, then you need to make a maximum of two changes in the city center, but if you're lucky, some branches may be taken away as soon as you are in another suburb without a transplant. The ticket price is around 140-350 yen. Price depends on distance, because not every passenger will go away on the subway, if it is only required to get to work. Children ticket price is reduced by half - they always just go for half price and free tickets for the little ones are not yet in sight. Therefore, the greatest benefit, which is here at all - it's half off.

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