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Naha subway map

Met in the air

In the small city of Naha in Okinawa is a small underground. More precisely, it is not so much underground - this is the usual monorail or light metro, but there are now very much, and the use of such means of transport instead of a large metropolitan seriously saves money the state and city. Imagine that instead of digging giant tunnels under the ground, to create a subway you just lay the rails, and only in rare cases, set the rack to lift the rails to the desired height. This also has its pluses and minuses to consider later, but this advantage is much greater. In general, the subway in the Naha - this is the only form of transport, which is almost never stops. Working from 5 am to midnight, the train is constantly carrying people without any delay. This, of course, cannot be said about other means of transport, which often find themselves in a deadlock, when the streets are beginning to accumulate machine. But it happens everywhere, so there is nothing wrong if you like underground. Anyway, here it is not as difficult as in the larger cities, but still have a better map of the subway, if you do not want to pass my stop and pay more than the. Here we have a different system of payment for travel - you get a ticket before you board the subway. A payment occurs much later - only when you already get out of the train and the subway at all. Because no one knows where you are going. A separate ticket for the same species or to count the chips came too costly. Therefore, this simple system allows people to save much more money not only for travel on the subway, but also for his service that allows you to make the price of travel is seriously below.

Excellent Metro

Metropolitan Naha - a branch of a monorail, which is laid at the height of the second and fifth floors, depending on the terrain. The decision to withdraw on the subway overpass came when the city is no more space to build the subways at street level, and dig underground to the land was too expensive. Of course, the subway at the residential noise and some people strongly interferes with sleep. But after 12 hours of the subway still stops all movement, and after ten trains run less often, and therefore affects only those people who sleep during the day, everyone else asleep smoothly until the first train. Metro has appeared in the city in 2003 and since then has not been any complaints about the operation of underground and failures due to technical reasons or due to the fault of workers underground. 9 years underground works just fine, and did not arise because the slightest prerequisites for any accident. People also use the subway because there is no more than another means of transportation, as mentioned earlier, which would not be standing in traffic, except for the subway. On the Metro line has 15 stations, the distance between them amounts to little more than a kilometer, so the speed of the subway is quite high - about 40 kilometers per hour. Speed Underground allows people to get to anywhere in the city very quickly - in about five minutes, the train passes through three stations, while in a car during rush hour in five minutes you can drive only 50 yards, and sometimes less.

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