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Kyoto subway map

Subway in the glorious city

Once upon a time the subway city of Kyoto was pretty small, but because they enjoyed not as many people as originally planned, although the city had had a much greater grandeur than now. Currently, Kyoto - it is something like a tourist center, but before it was a huge city, where sat the true rulers of the country. But now everything has changed and now even the subway in this city is to please the tourists. Metro is not very large, and two branches account for only 130 kilometers, with the longest line goes far beyond Kyoto and sent even to the next major city of Otsu. To be able to make better use of the underground city, was established two branches, so that people do not have to cross the street to sit in the opposite direction. It was enough just to wait for the train in the right direction and to transfer to another branch. As a result of Kyoto Subway has the same characteristics as the subways of many other Japanese cities. The city is not very comfortable to ride because it is just not there. The only intersection of two branches located near the city center, which means that the possible intersections in the city just will not continue. As for the other directions, taking into account the length of the lines, you'll pass a little more than the city average - about the same line, so that by 60 kilometers of the line you have to pass a little more than an hour - the speed of subway in the city is low, although the stations are is not very much. Metropolitan, unfortunately, almost all buried in the ground, so all those who want to enjoy the train window at the beauty of Kyoto - will be severely disappointed that they did not see almost nothing, except that they are on conventional stations, of which nothing not visible. Only small sections of the underground, which are closer to the end stations, get out of the earth into the light.

Urban Beauty

Of course, if you go to the city of Kyoto, then you probably are not going to ever go on the subway, because in this city definitely has that look. But ignore the subway, too, is not worth it, because it's actually the only transport that manages all the time. Only in this city, travelers are sometimes more than people, although the city itself also looks very good. For this reason, each new visitor uses underground, not because he wants to see something there, but only because it is fashionable means of transportation to get to almost anywhere. The only problem is metro associated only with changes that can be performed only in one single place. First, there is always a lot of people, and secondly, it is only one place, so when transplanted to another line you sometimes have to go much further. However, the beauty of the city saves everything. Metropolitan same every year, carrying up to 130 million people, however, never stops except from midnight to 5 am. It is only five hours, when the subway is not working, so we can safely say that it runs underground for a long time.

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