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Kobe subway map

Close neighbor of a large city

City of Kobe is located near the major city of Osaka, which does not prevent him, however, also be quite a large city with a population of more than half a million people. As for the underground of the city, here things are much simpler. Metro has started to build in the seventies, when they realized that the railway line passing through the city, as well as small public transport will soon simply will not cope with the growing number of residents. Therefore, the first branch of the underground paved in the late seventies, and the work of laying were held jointly with the company that operated the site of the railroad near the city of Kobe. As a result, there opened a small section of the underground, which had a length of only 22 kilometers, but it was 16 stations. In order to use this subway, we had to live on the western or the eastern outskirts of the city - in other points of the subway is not going to look. However, after the effectiveness of Metro was highly appreciated not only by locals but also the government, it was decided that the construction of the subway is an urgent need to continue, otherwise it may come traffic jams caused by the sharp rise in the city. For this reason, already in the twenty-first century, a branch was started, which took place along the coastline of the city and connected to the first branch at two stations, thereby creating a small annular structural connection, which became the basis of the underground city. After that, additional branches are not built because of this structure were enough to ensure that residents can get full service in the field of transport in this city. In general, the city of Kobe was one of those cities in which most of the subway was such that it is underground. Despite the fact that a relatively large number of today's underground trying to produce on the ground, even with tight building trying not to bury the railway in order to save the earth, there had to pave the road to the land to be able to save the city's appearance and still get the most out of people travel on these branches.

Slow development of

In the future, of course, the subway city of Kobe, will be further developed, but there is nothing that is now so far no progress - Kobe is a neighbor of a larger city, which is part of the population pulls to itself, so the development of the city is slightly delayed. As for the moment, too, that the Metropolitan has not yet been constructed, and the old rates of construction were not very high, it is also quite easy to explain. Times, even in rush hour sometimes people are not very many stations, the construction of new lines to no good, except for loss of money will not, which means that it takes just just wait until the city will grow a little more so that you can develop a more metropolitan on. Prices for travel in the city are not as high as in major cities, but they are still differentiated, because the distance is quite large, despite the small number of lines. That people do not spend more money than they expected, was a system of differential pricing for tickets - after the people have become more willing to ride the subway, because now the fare for two or three stations they do not have to pay the money as much as they used to pay for the full travel in the metro.

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