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Kitakyushu subway map

A small underground

City of Kitakyushu, located in Japan, not so long ago received its own underground railway, which became for him a major step towards further development. So far, Metro is small and is only 13 stations on 12 km track. In this case the only branch, from which it is underground, is mainly from north to south, but then, when there are two metro stations, in sharp turns to the east. Such uncharacteristic strategy for the construction of underground in the city has become necessary due to the fact that the city, which is the administrative center, gradually evolved to the city-millionaire, was large enough to begin to suffer because of the many traffic jams. Underground it was built in 1985, one in the last 25 years, he did not develop at all. The reasons for this can be quite a lot, starting with the most basic of the fact that the city simply ceased to evolve. If 25 years ago, the city had more than one million inhabitants, but now, according to the latest census, the city has lived less than a million people. The Metropolitan was built with the expectation that the city's population will continue to grow, but this did not happen because the city, sometime later, he began to lose its residents and as a result of the city's population has decreased.

Degradation of

Needless to say, the city was not as happy as its neighbors, which was also built underground, but because this city for all of 25 years had not been developed. Despite this, the subway does not cease to function, however, and build on it just did not - at this point there was no, because people no longer felt, and the city virtually grew up. Therefore, the construction of underground Kitakyushu ended on a single branch. This thread runs through the center of the city, but because nothing more is required, since the center of the city is now permanently located in a relatively unstressed state, which gives the city an additional space on the roads and the lack of caps on them. As for the subway - it's easy monorail, subway and not in a way in which we are accustomed to seeing.

The future is possible, but unlikely

The fact is that the subway was built quite late when they realized that the usual subway - it's not very profitable in terms of construction, because its construction cost for each city in the round sum, and pay off the underground for a long time. In this city, occurred at approximately is the same. Subway, of course, reached the level of self-sufficiency, but profit from it is not as much as expected in the planning. Even despite the fact that the subway runs right through this center and covers several areas of the city, which is directly connected to each other by railroad tracks, not many people use the subway. However, despite all the factors that hindered the development of the underground, there is a plan that provides for the further development of the lines in the event that the city will develop further. If this happens, the city's population will not grow, it will just try and not to anything, because nothing will happen. Metro Kitakyushu may remain permanently in a state of 13 stations that are located on the same vertical branch.

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