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Branch under construction in the city of Kawasaki was to be his underground light type, however, sometime after the commencement of construction, the mayor solemnly declared that the construction will be frozen until an unspecified date. In general, began to build a subway in 2002 that started a long time, and theoretically if you have money already could even finish, and finish pretty well, considering the relatively small size of the branch, which had to pass at all in two stages. However, the plan was even faster - just over 8 years in the city was supposed to be underground, which would have different characteristics and thus is not very expensive for the city treasury. The reasons for subway construction in Kawasaki was delayed, unknown until now, because of the construction of the underground city would only be won. But construction was delayed and did this, nobody can change. In general, Kawasaki - a large city, there is home to nearly half a million people without regard to the suburbs. Together with them in the city we would have more than two million inhabitants. Moreover, this city is located on the seafront, and is therefore a large port that serves as a trading point in Japan. For these reasons, the subway in this city simply must have been built. Even in small towns where people were half as subways were built several decades ago, but there were reasons that prevented subway journey in life.

However, it is not so bad. Not that it would be without a good subway, just building in Kawasaki was not delayed at all. In 2003, the mayor said that the construction will be delayed by only five years. That is, in 2008, construction was resumed. Because the building was scheduled for 8 years, in 2015-2016, the subway in the city will be built. So far, the plans, there is only one small branch, which is located about ten stations - of course, this amount will vary over time, because nobody knows what can happen in 8 years. Generally, the branch was to be west to east, gradually shifting towards the south, with a branch subway map looks like a staircase. As for the further continuation of the underground, theory there is a subway in addition to a 6-km section, which will continue in the eastern part of Metro. The main part of the metro will have a length of 15 kilometers. On this site will be built 11 stations. In the area of 6 kilometers long that not even decided on the number of stations, and therefore do not know exactly what will happen next. When the subway will be completed in full, all sites will be built lines that are planned at the moment, nobody can say for sure because the plan has not yet been completed. But the very fact that has already started to build the first phase, shows that this will still be built underground, and, although no one knows when it will be, the result will be accurate. When completed, the city will not only jobs, but also a lot of advantages, which are very useful for large cities such as Kawasaki.

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