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Hiroshima subway map

Met after the tragedy

This city is known around the world just because of the city once dropped an atomic bomb. But people are not left out of this city, moreover, Hiroshima now - it's a large city, which has its own subway. Built it was not so long ago, around the late eighties underground of the city was finally established. Of course, a long time, people were afraid of what the city of Hiroshima is a great danger of radiation exposure, but time has helped heal the wounds of the people and the town began to develop again. As a result, today the city of Hiroshima is home to over a million people. People simply had nowhere to go, a small area has long been mastered, so the new location, which could move a million people, just not found on all islands. Therefore, people are back there stretched workforce and as a result the city became a millionaire. So, what is in this city in terms of subway? There is much debate among those people who are in Hiroshima had never been, but because they just cannot tell whether the line of the subway or monorail. Or maybe it's just a light rail. Therefore, public opinion converges on (and the city plans to show it) that is represented in Hiroshima Metropolitan monorail. Monorail can be considered as a cross between a tram and subway, because this type of transport has all the characteristics of both, and the other vehicle. That is why many people still do not know exactly what's considered underground in the city of Hiroshima.

Slightly under the land

However, while other people think about the theories of the type of the underground, let's see what this thing is. First, the subway in the city is quite long - 18 and a half miles, which smoothly bypass almost the entire city. At this length is 21 stations - this is quite enough, so that people can easily get to work or from work to go home. That's why Metro Hiroshima has a very high percentage of vehicles relative to other cities. The whole underground city lies on the surface, but in the heart of one station is underground, but because about a half mile routes are also taken away under the ground. Why is it done - again, no one except the builders did not know, but it means that we can only guess as to why it was done and why one station went under ground. The average speed of trains on the line is low - 18 miles the train passes a little less than 40 minutes, which means that the average speed is about 30 kilometers per hour. Not so fast, but given the fact that the distance between stations is only 800-900 meters, then this rate is very real, because the train is simply no time to be dispersed when the front is shown next station. So, as for the subway Hiroshima, we have all learned - it remains only to determine exactly what it is like the subway. So this should apply to the mayor of the city - there just explain.

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