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Fukuoka subway map

City Island

On the island of Kyushu, Fukuoka is a city in which about 40 years ago came the first subway. Despite the already considerable age, the subway still not large enough to be considered one of the largest metro systems in the country. For all railway lines in the country is only 30 kilometers cloth, on which 35 stations scattered. This is the only metro that has surpass the length of which is on average less than one kilometer. However, 30 kilometers - is as much as three branches, which intersect along the shore of the city. Despite the fact that the city is located on a small island, there is a lot of people, the city - the most populated island, one of the major population centers throughout the country. That is why this city has received a subway. Generally, the decision to start construction was adopted in 1973, and two years later began the construction itself. The whole underground city of Fukuoka is stretched mainly along the coast - blue line runs along the inland seas, and the green line goes slightly inland. Red line does the same hook, but at the opposite side, making it more a branch of the general section of the subway. All branches were built at different times, which make the network much more comfortable than any other metro, which first became operational, and then suddenly half the lines closed for repairs and improvements. Here the branches are connected, each with only one, but because the full functioning of the subway is almost never stopped. Second line started up in 1986, and the third branch was born in 2001 - the result was a scheme that is unlike the conventional schemes for large cities. While most cities are trying to create such a network, so they at least in some places formed a ring that would lead to a sharp increase in passengers in those areas, there is the main thing - to move people out of residential neighborhoods in the working area near the port.

A typical underground

If you look at the Fukuoka Subway more globally, for the big city it is like building a subway is quite characteristic. If other big cities in Japan, though located on the shore of the island, they would stretch out strongly enough inland. This is the main town in the stretch along the coast, and therefore the best way to locate underground lines, except in this way - no. The city government set itself the goal - unload the port area from the many cars that the road was completely free for trucks or for other commercial vehicles. After all, is usually busy road in Fukuoka cars, which are sent to the offices that are located close to the water. But it was there lie the main routes for trucks and the roads for them to be free - that's why for this underground city was built only in such a way so that you can fully release the port. If the city receives as a result of this serious development on the opposite side, the city government will have to create a few more branches underground, which then will connect the port and the outskirts of the city, distant from the sea. In any case, it turns out that sooner or later it will happen.

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