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No subway or streetcar, but only the Monorail

In Tel Aviv there is not an easy subway and light monorail on which you can easily move the capital city of Israel. It is planned to create a system that would consist of four branches connected to each other. Now, until the whole system is preparing for the construction of major roads have not done as much as we would like. The main branch is marked on the maps in red, is a half-tram, metro and half. Therefore, most foreign publications refer to this structure Metrotram, and in Russia just a tram. So it stuck, and nothing cannot be changed.

The original plan, embodied on paper

In general, the system in Tel Aviv is created so that you can quickly change from one public transport to another, so most of it still looks like a tram, but the official definition says otherwise. In general, when we talk about such a public transport vehicle, as the subway in Tel Aviv, we should take into account all the features of the city and residents. So far, this network is only available on paper, but it is already in full swing preparing a draft of its implementation, so that citizens will soon be able to ride like the wind through the city. There are several new features that have this line.

The advantages of such a station is already evident

First, note different character lines. The main line - is, as already stated, half tram, metro half. The rest of the line - it is a regular monorail, which will take place throughout the city, and the intersection of the monorail to conventional roads is not an isolated case. Thanks to a monorail can be easily introduced into the general system of public transportation in the city, which is not always possible to do in other cities where such networks are often unable to withstand the large flow of people. Also, the use of standard admission, but from a different angle, eliminating the need for digging tunnels, and without laying many ways, because here, without any spans you can do very easily. As you can see, the simpler the design, the better for the people, both for construction and for ordinary citizens, because on a hot day a lot easier to ride with the wind on the bright streets, than to descend into sweltering underground steam and there is at least a few, but all is very long minutes. Another feature of the subway, which will be built here, is that here will be used are compounds that are normally used only in the ordinary tram networks, and because most people still believe that in Israel there is no subway or even planned, because there will be an ordinary tram. Well, we were convinced that it is not, so now you know you are ready to plan for the event, if you suddenly need an urgent need for such a station. If you want to be - it will build just one year, after laying of the monorail and the order of small cars do not require large cash expenditures, so the whole project will cost in a relatively small amount. And what is more need for a large city?

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