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Jerusalem subway map

Many people, but not enough transport

The idea Subway in Jerusalem was not accidental. In this city with nearly 500,000 residents were the only public transport buses. Therefore, the creation of an alternative to buses - it was a major step towards the development of the city. In addition, in the opinion of the government very actively used private transport - addition to public transport should have been transplanted to the majority of people in the other modes of transport. Thus, the idea emerged, but it was required to implement, and it is already required the additional costs, in particular, the ability to change the city's infrastructure. Before the authorities faced a dilemma, what to do to cost-effectively transform the city. They could equally create new roads, tram, subway, monorail - anything you want, but they were stopped only by the fact that only light rail meets all the conditions of the city, since only this form of transport has all the characteristics that satisfy all the requirements . Other structures do not come. Almost all of them only worsened the problems of the city, making it more dirty, or busier, so the options are swept aside one by one. Electricity in Israel a lot, so the tram it is enough - and it was decided to choose him.

Tram and all that did for him

Of course, the tram, although fast, still does not look like an ordinary subway, but is more suited to a clean and fast transport within a large and populous city. Moreover, it is not an easy tram and high speed, which means its suitability for a large city. Unlike other Israeli cities, Tel Aviv, where the subway is in the plans, it has all built here. Here at the outset, even people prepared for the fact that soon the city will be a new public transport - it was even painted graffiti, which showed that people are ready for their new life. Build a band and the way to the tram began in 1997 and staged a trial run in 2008. Especially for the fact that you can not just go over the ground, but still nice and round various obstacles created string bridge. That was the longest bridge subway in the world and the highest. Its central pillar has a height of almost 120 meters and its length - about 360, and the bridge itself is not straight but curved, and the tram, while it performs a relatively steep turn. In general, due to the construction of the bridge, Israel was not only a new transport for the city, but also a few records. Metro Bridge, for example - it is a record in the world, but if you look more locally, we can find that there is a record that is the first rail in the city in Israel in its history. Look at other cities - there appeared the first subways in 40-50-60 years before Israel, although the state of Israel, too, has a considerable history. But there were quite a long time to transport it - the problem of traffic congestion occurs suddenly, so it should be addressed quickly. And the result was the appearance in the city of light rail, subway similarity.

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