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Haifa subway map

Metropolitan funicular

The only Israeli city, where there is a full-fledged underground - is Haifa. Only here in all of Israel can be found underground normal, albeit small, but normal functioning. In all other cities until there is no subway, but only plans for its construction, as well as a parody of the Subway. Here, however, that it was built, too, can be a stretch to call the subway - it's not such a structure, which would officially carry people just a city, there is, in fact, this Subway sends people to the mountain, but because he is still just funicular. It is hard to say what it is, because the record of his appearance quite a bit, but because it is difficult to talk about him, especially about how he looks from the inside. Locals call it Carmel, because it rises on Mount Carmel, located nearby. It is for this same reason, also called underground funicular, which adds it does not function, but only difficulty in understanding the nature of this mode of transport. Because he's a bit strange as a whole, it would be impossible even to suggest that this form of transport will record the size of Metro.

The smallest metro

Metro Haifa was the smallest because it has only 5 stations and 2 kilometers long. Therefore, it is not for nothing was in the record books. If you talk about is that this underground to perform any other function, except for his prepared functions- that is to say nothing - this is the usual Subway, which picks up passengers on the mountain. It was built in 1956, a long time and much earlier than in other Israeli cities, it was decided to begin construction of the subway. It does not require that the subway was the main means of transportation in the city, because at that time the city had not experienced such problems. Rather, it could be a toy for travelers or pilgrims, because in Israel there are so many places you could go to religious people. Therefore, the main objective of this underground movement of people is still as pilgrims. After all, virtually underground for the most populated part of town, it's made almost entirely in the mountain. In this case all the stations were not created as a real cable car, but as usual in the subway - all of this station is located shallow burial and they, as can be logical to assume, under the ground. It helps this subway to be not so hot, as the temperature above is usually rise up to the highest levels. So it will be too difficult to use this metro if it was above the ground but not under it.

50 years without developing

Metro did not evolve from the time of construction, so it too is a kind of record that has been put underground a long time ago. It is not planned and its further development, from which it can draw a simple conclusion that the metro which was built almost fifty years ago, so it will remain in the future. Build it in the city cannot - there are historical buildings. And then the mountain will not be able to go deep because of the steepness of the mountain, so the choice is simply nothing left but to leave everything as is. By itself, the underground in the classical style, but the stations are decorated quite simple - there are no additional decorations, there are no figures released because the subway, which carries the pilgrims should be simple and straightforward, as the subway just have to be like this, and not to stand out. In addition, because Israel has a specific religion, then the subway was a reflection of his confession, so there should not be condemned, because everything in it is correct.

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