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Subway to the Olympics

Who remembers the Olympic Games in Turin? We all remember? That's the subway in the city came just in time for the new games that were held here in 2006. Therefore, the underground in the city is very young and promising, because it can develop in any direction. Since the construction of the subway has been planned to create a subway, which would not be costly, an automatic control system - it allows trains to easily do without the drivers in the cars, and operated only from the center, which sits just a few people. As for the subway, it will be bigger than in Catania - here there are 13 kilometers of track and 20 stations that are located directly on the same branch. The branch is not located directly across the city, and make a small hook at the end, and therefore covers not only the center of the city, but also some of the suburbs, which are located to the west and south of the city. With this system, metro in Turin can carry a lot of people, particularly in these last years underground had to carry almost 90,000 people per day. This is quite a lot, because that human weight of 90 000 people is hard to imagination. Therefore, we will not strain the reader's fantasy on the theme of a crowd of people, and say only that the subway to handle the load quite well. Although there are plans for the future that will allow Metro seriously increase in size to carry more people. As for the history of the project, it is more interesting than he at this present time when the city has no sporting events.

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In Turin, the metro was built open. This applies only stations because they were drilled from the top down, but other tunnels were laid just under the ground, that is, using the private method of drilling, which is used by most of the developed countries at present. The stations are all built on one principle, and look about the same, so do not look for no frills in the form of these stations, because everywhere you look - everywhere the same. In any case, when people sit down in a subway, it rushes them very quickly, so that no one looks at the beauty of the underground stations. The average depth of the stations is about 15 feet - not the deep underground, but this depth is enough to bypass all the buildings and excavations, which are held in the city. At the same time we are talking about the stations and tunnels between them, too, have many advantages. The diameter of the tunnel is nearly 8 feet - at a distance started up two paintings that provide the movement of trains in both directions without any rings or other frills that builders like to do underground. As for future plans (where the same without them), then the subway will have a full extension in the form of another branch, which will take place north of the city and will have at least 26 stations. This means that the 15-km line will be at a minimum. If you think about the present time, now a branch, but because it has its own schedule for moving the train - the interval between them varies from 2 to 6 minutes, and the time starts at 5 am and ends around midnight.

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