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Majestic Metro

Great Rome - where it was the capital of the world, but now it is not as great as before, no one is afraid of Italy, even more so that Silvio left the management team of the country. But Metro did not leave him, but because you can always find a time to ride the subway in Rome and look at his surroundings, if the branch is suddenly released to the surface. There is a considerable disadvantage, exactly the same as in many other old subway - in the heart of it is buried deep in the ground, but because you cannot admire the epic picture of the historical city center, from the ground because you will not be able to look at. As for the suburbs, there are mainly new homes, and not a particularly beautiful building, except that in some suburbs you can find the old settlement. But we digress. Rome subway was opened in 1955, but he grew up only slightly for such a big city, especially the capital. In Rome, there are only two branches, which form the Greek letter X, right a Greek, not Latin. Intersecting at right angles, these lines form a small network that connects the west, south, northeast and southeast. The total length of subway in the city is only 38 kilometers, and the number of stations a little bit not up to 50. But it does not interfere with such a small subway every day to carry almost a million people. In the same year, accumulating about 330 million people. Because the city has only two lines in the main branch, then the intersection there is only one station, Termini, which is quite close to the city center.

The majestic, but small

Thus, the Metro is not very developed, as can be understood in its current state, but nothing bad about him to say. Met a very friendly, very fast and very accurate, although there is no electronics and no plans to put. In the future, nor will create any train control systems, because most of the money that was allocated in the city to build underground, safely have been invested in the creation of a third branch of the underground and the development of the second branch. For travel tangling the line B - the first line and the line A - the second line. They were built in that order, because ... because this way the Italians wanted. That all worked fine, used a relatively short period of time between trains, but that's not enough, because the platforms are often observed great pandemonium, which leads to the fact that not everyone has time to sit down in the next train. But in this case come next train, so late on the subway - it does not mean being late for work. In any case, even if things were bad - in Rome Metro allows you to use other means of transport. But that this does not occur, the third branch is being built that will have an additional 30 stations, and therefore will be more convenient for passengers, as will pass through the other two branches and create a common network. However, there may be problems with the excavations, which are held in the city - it will need to maintain ventilation through them.

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