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Originality - Underground Skate

One of the most original underground world is located in the city of Naples. He is original in that it has two dates open, and the second is located in a hundred two years on the timeline. This means that the subway was shut down completely for at least a year, so that it could make some changes. However, it will be discussed in more detail now. Another feature of the subway in Naples - is the fact that here he has added not only underground, but also railway lines within the city, as well as cable cars, which are very well go through the whole city. Thus, the cable cars, railways and subways make ... Metro City. As a result of what happens in the city: first you can use anything, even a funicular railway, even though everything on the same ticket, and secondly all this is in a very practical and convenient network. So why are there two official opening date of the subway? The fact is that initially, in the nineteenth century, the city built a network of various railway lines, which allowed the government to link the city with other cities, as well as for the movement of passengers within the city. But then, these lines have been closed because they did not meet all the requirements of a growing city, but because in the 1950s began planning for new branches of the underground railroad, which would be a serious replacement for the previously existing system of electric trains. Of course, the trains have not gone away, because their network was quite extensive, but they were converted specifically for the new subway lines.

Beauty of the city

As for the construction of the underground, it lasted a long time, because construction began in 1976 has been seriously hindered by problems within the city, which decided only in 1993, when finally the first branch was started, the length of which is 4 kilometers. But the entire Metro in the city of more than 50 kilometers in length, which is very much - but do not forget that there are cable cars and trains, but because all this has become quite voluminous. So far, clean subway in the city has only one branch - the red. Then, preparing for the opening of the blue line, which will be held separately from the metro, connecting several railway lines. Green line going in the future to the north, to ensure that transport relatively new areas of the city. To do this would be enough to build a couple of kilometers underground, and the area is completely covered. Some of the more lines of the old trains are very deep underground, deep enough for the time, so even these branches are sometimes deeper than the modern subway, which is mostly at the level of small metro, which has not as deep from the surface of the city. As for future plans for the construction of underground in the city, it is planned to create a few more branches, which connect the old trains, and as a result of the underground will be completely perfect. As for the cable cars, some of them are actively used to move between branches of the subway, which sometimes can look very beautiful city, which is located at the bottom, right under your feet. This is the only network that allows you to do so.

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