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Fashion Underground

Milan's subway network is fairly common in the city, because, despite the fact that the city officially has only three branches, two of them happily forked, and therefore are beginning to have some further development of branches. So far, the construction of these branches have not yet begun, but already we can say that the development will soon be in Milan. But so far it has only a subway lines in the 75 kilometers of the total length and number of stations equal to 88 pieces. However, Milan is not only underground, but because other than the usual letter M can be found here and the letter C, which indicates that under the city at this point is not simply the subway, commuter trains and the network. Usual Metro also is running on a standard basis - it is almost completely buried in the ground, it means that the subway again, does not allow you to enjoy the view of the old city. But nothing can be done, because such a project, and even the fact that the subway was built in 1964, does not change anything - the subway is still under the ground and will be there. The history of the underground is very simple, because here it was built the same way as in other countries and cities. First built the first branch, which has passed through the city center from the west to the north. Then came the second branch, which opened in 1969, and it was exactly the same way through the city center, but this time she bound the northern part of the city from the south, a little twisted in the center. Yellow line was built only in 1990, and it carries people from the north-west to south-east. Some of the lines contain not only the underground parts, but also the ground - but some of the lines is entirely underground.

The innovations here and there

Among the advantages of underground may be noted his speed and a few new features are used that are not so common in other cities, so they were really common. So, one of the innovations - is the use of air contact system, which feeds the train, instead, to use the contact rail, which is very dangerous. Every day we have to clear the line of dead birds, and while in Milan a lot of pigeons, a considerable number of them die every day from the rails, which are still used in some branches of the subway. This line is the first branch. Generally, the city of Milan is quite famous, but because the subway, it cannot remain the same for a long time, just like fashion cannot long stand still. As currently planned fourth branch of the underground and the fifth is under construction. In addition, it is believed that continued to be built all the lines already built at least one or two stages each. Due to this, Metro can reach lengths of nearly 100 miles, and maybe even more. As a result, planned for 2015 to create this whole project has been in the real world, not just on paper, so that you can actually do something with urban congestion, which is a big problem, but it can be solved only with the help of the local metro, which should be built as soon as possible. No wonder that he became, in less time than the underground in Rome.

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