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Genoa subway map

The famous city? Get Subway

In the city of Genoa, who is known for the fact that there was born a lot of benefit to the people of the world, got little more than a subway 20 years ago. This subway is small, but it carries enough people to get the chance for further development. After all, no matter how fit or a subway, the city will not develop it, if it is unprofitable. But this subway lucky. Despite its diminutive size, it carries a daily basis for 22 thousand people. This is quite a lot, because I Metro consists of only seven stations, and its length is about 5 kilometers. Not so much, is not it? But what else can you tell us about it underground, which is not as well known as a city in Italy? First, it is not built just like that, and not only for the needs of residents. It was built in order to be able to get to the sports facilities at the World Cup that was held here in 1990. A very original solution to the problem with the fans. But it really has been solved, because no traffic jams and problems in the city was not observed as in the streets. And transport, but because it is considered that the subway Genoa coped with its task very well. But now the city is growing, but because he needs a few more lines, and so far the plans have only a lengthening of the line at three stations in both directions. So, now, if the plan succeeds, the end of this year it will be able to use the metro in Genoa, which will have a length of 5.3 kilometers is not, and more than six, because the branch will increase by two stations along the coast and at one station along the the river. In general, it is quite convenient, because most of Genoa's historic sites preserved only in some parts of the city, as underground because you can keep a clear conscience, so that he passed along these objects in any way without touching them. So, to continue to grow underground, need only provide the city's historic core.

The beauty and ease of metro and city

If we speak frankly, most of the people who ride the subway every day - it's still the workers and employees, rather than tourists, who also love to come to this beautiful city and rest there, spending all his free time on the inspection of various sites . And just because Metro will continue to grow, regardless of whether a city of tourists. Because the underground was not so long ago that a long-term plan for the construction - the construction of two more branches, which will take place immediately adjacent to the historic city center, so you can quickly get to work. In the meantime, people have to settle for a simple subway from one branch. But people do not complain - the subway in Genoa, although small, but still beautiful. It is clean, spacious and comfortable, but because there simply be a pleasure, not the ride. Is that different from the French train local subway because there is no bus travel, and therefore have little shaken at the junction of the rails. But nothing helped, so here it is, the subway in Genoa. But from it you will see almost the entire city because of the subway to the streets of the city is much closer to the center than in other cities where the subway is selected on the surface only in the outskirts and closer to the suburbs. There is much more convenient and practical.

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