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Catania subway map

Minimalism for the port

Another small metro in Italy - Catania is underground. By itself, the town is small, but the narrow streets do not allow a large flow of cars, and sometimes even people move through them. Therefore, in the nineties, it was decided to build its own in the city subway, which could safely unload the road for at least a few percent, but construction was delayed because no longer available. As a result, opened the only metro area - is a branch of the Borgo to Porto. From the hills to the water goes underground branch line, which carries a little more each day and a half thousand people. Yes, you heard right, this is true, only 1,600 people daily commute to work or just for this metro. And it is not that the subway is a little awkward, or is located - just a small population of the city, but because more people will hardly go here. Nevertheless, plans to increase the number of stations in the near future for another 4 pieces, because the current six is not enough - because the city is constantly growing, which means that the extension of branches in different directions - a matter of time. But what can move in such a short branch? Small trains, which consist of only two cars - it's a great system for transportation of the same small number of passengers.

An ambitious project

However, there are plans on a more serious development of the subway, because so far it is only in the port area, and want it to be almost the whole town, because the situation on the roads so far not the best. In order to improve this situation, create a plan that will create a few more branches subway. So, the plan is - from an existing branch will be an extension to the northeast and southeast, where it goes from both ends of existing branches, and about the middle, so you can create a pretty good network, which was connected to the whole at one point - a port town. Stations will be quite a lot, they added at least a dozen, but because a lot of money allocated to it, to be the whole thing quickly build. The question arises - how to do so quickly if it is a very small town with a small budget. Generally, the construction of subway in Catania is funded not only the city but the country as a whole, because the creation of the subway in the city, located on the commercial side of the Italian boot, should simply be a priority for any government. So give the money to almost everyone who can, and as a result of the subway will be built over the next 5-10 years. Some may say that the construction of the metro for such period of time - too long, but in fact the world is much longer protracted, which has not yet been completed. Here we have already started the construction of new stations, tunnels break. But again, visitors to the city is waiting for a big problem. They can not see the city's culture, as well as all its beauty, while sitting in a local subway train, because it is underground, which means that all historic buildings slowly float right over the heads of tourists and visitors to the city. But do not run as a branch right in the center of the city where there are many important buildings, so in order to preserve the beauty of the city had to give tourists views from the windows of the local subway. But they are you can always see if you decide to stroll through the city on foot, all-is the historical city, but because it will be interesting.

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